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Example, not persuasion - Chevening Leadership & Influence Essay

Wara /  
Aug 17, 2019   #1

being ready to lead a group

Leadership is not a position but an action. Great leaders not only talk but also listen to their teams. We can observe leaders eventually starting from parents in home & teachers in school to bosses in professional life. But, to be a good leader one must have certain distinct skills which I have learnt after undergoing numerous circumstances. Having experienced dangerous & challenging circumstances I realized what sacrifices; courage & patience is required to be a capable leader.

Leadership can be attained by developing several qualities in oneself but the most important which I consider is communication & decision making. Not very early when my friends & I were on the trip to the northern areas of Pakistan. We were hiking a long, tiring & dangerous trek of Fairy Meadows (approx. 3600m high). It was pitch-black. Two of my friends & I got lost in the middle of the hike. We waited for the remaining group, but no one appeared. Instead of panicking & waiting further, I hold their hands & resumed the journey as a lead. They were exhausted from such an arduous expedition & wanted to settle down, but I tried to convince them to continue to the destination explaining all the consequences if we did not move fast. To divert everyone's mind from the distance, I started singing songs. My hands & feet ached but surely, I could not let them go. Slowly & steadily going we saw the peak appear where our camps were set up. There I realized what it takes to make someone move with you.

One should be aware & confident enough to direct well. A Leader does not command but influence. As my professional career started, I have been given the responsibility to lead 9 Quality Control Circles (QCC) in maintenance department having 10 members each. It was quite challenging because our department had not been advancing in the activity for about 5 years. Also, the participants were demotivated due to consistent failure. To revive the teams' motivation & interest, I had to acquire a transformational approach of leadership. I came up with a plan to arrange interdepartmental sessions for revitalizing the teams' vision & reason to work on it. Once vision is invigorated, it became easier to conduct meetings for discussion & feedback. However, most of the times the results were not achieved as planned, but still learning points were highlighted & even trivial efforts were appreciated. Last but not the least, it was the first time that 3 out of 9 circles emerged in Semi Final Round out of 250 circles in all. This phase of was strenuous where I came to know how much focus & appreciation mattered to pull a distorted team together.

A competent leader is molded with countless interpersonal skills. Significant among which are communication & ability to make quick & effective decisions when needed. All in all, leadership is being ready to lead a group by influence & example rather than persuasion or order.

ahsan_daniyal 3 / 7 1  
Aug 18, 2019   #2
wara you have put in too much details about what your perception of leadership is, though the leadership essay doesn't ask that question..if you eliminate those parts you can streamline your essay and add some more details about your leadership experience..if not then you could just leave it like that making you essay concise and to the point..otherwise your essay is good and i like that you have put in leadership examples form your personal life as well as professional
OP Wara /  
Aug 18, 2019   #3
thanks a lot ahsan, i'll sure work on it.
Maria - / 1,100 389  
Aug 19, 2019   #4
Hi, dear! Thanks for your consistent and persistent support in the forum. If you find this feedback and others helpful, please do inform us.

I agree with the prior comment that you had been overexplaining the concept from a bystander's perspective rather than a personal viewpoint. You may still incorporate this, however ensure that the focal point of your writing would be the highlights of your experiences. This a more solidified approach to writing, I reckon.

The transition to the concluding paragraph is also quite odd, considering that you did not bridge properly those remarks with the huge chunks of text before it. Remember that you should be adding more flair and details to expound the thoughts and opinions with more ease.

Keep your paragraphs shorter. Remember that this is easier on the eyes of readers more than anything else.

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