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Essay 1 - examples of the benefits that the GOI-IES would provide me

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Mar 16, 2021   #1

Government of Ireland Scholarship

Applicants will be required to demonstrate: o the benefit of becoming a GOI-IES Scholar; to themselves (personally and professionally), to Ireland, as well as their country of origin.

Media writing and production will be present throughout my whole journey. In the future, I see myself as a great professional who promotes improvements wherever I pass. This will be thanks to the knowledge acquired from the scholarship in Ireland, a reference country in press freedom and education. Briefly, these are some benefits that the GOI-IES would provide me:

Personally: I will have the opportunity to live a period in Ireland, a country that I admire and am enchanted by its beauty. I will be able to closely analyse social and economic aspects that also fascinate me, such as the growth that Ireland has had in recent years, in contrast to Brazil, which has only decreased. Another point is that I can improve my English and this is very important to me. Since the moment I started learning English, I gained autonomy and expanded my knowledge. Therefore, having greater fluency in speaking and writing is one of my aims.

Professionally: Winning a scholarship to a country with one of the best education systems in the world is already a great professional growth that I seek. Furthermore, I also believe that the Master in Creative Media Practice can give me the credibility and knowledge I need to work in two professional fields: one is to commence my media and creative agency, and the second is to be an international freelance journalist.

To Ireland: As an international journalist, I want to contribute to the Irish press by publishing reports of Brazil from a more in-depth point of view than international news agencies. I aim to inform people in Ireland about my country in an unconventional, more human and realistic way.

To Brazil: The media agency and the freelancer will be my income sources and where I set my creativity. I also want to offer information to the poorest people in Brazil. I dream of creating a social project where I teach politics and economics to people who have not had access to political education due to a lack of opportunities. The goal is to be non-partisan and teach in a simple, light and dynamic way. Empowering the community with knowledge is the best way to prevent Brazilians from making mistakes similar to 2018 when extreme right-wing politicians were elected even without concrete proposals for the majority population.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,535 3447  
Mar 16, 2021   #2
The professional aspect does not have a convincing motivation for your application. The reason for your desire to receive the scholarship should reflect your career interests and plans for the future. Right now, that listing is very shallow and does not really inform the reviewer in a manner that would help boost the profile of your application.

Why do you want to report about Brazil in the Irish press? What image do the Irish have of Brazilians? Is it imperative that this image be changed? Why? How will your articles promote cross cultural relationships and bilateral considerations between the two countries? By using the outline format, you are really limiting the relationship between your discussion points. It would be better if you could discuss these in paragraph form, using discussion points that would help create a cohesive discussion of the prompt discussion points.

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