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Different standpoints regarding business size that provide utmost benefits to its employee; TOEFL

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Working in big company vs Small company

There are various different standpoints regarding business size that provide utmost benefits to its employee. Some favor working at huge firms on the ground that such highly lucrative businesses are usually willing to pay its employee with greater paychecks. Nevertheless, I personally believe that working in a small company would be more worthwhile, I posit as such because of two viable reasons which I will explore in the following essay.

The first and foremost reason lies in the fact that although large companies typically capable of allocating more budget into employee's salaries, one thing that need to be taken into account is that the employment structure of large companies are usually designed to assign each person to work in only small area of work scope, hence, might deprive one's opportunity to learn about a variety of responsibilities which are the attribute to their career progression, or worse employee may totally incapable of comprehending the company's core business as a whole. Take my own experience as a compelling example of this, when I work as an Engineer in a huge international technology company I was assigned as a Wireless Engineer team which are assigned to cope with various different issue regarding the wireless networks, on one hand, we gain tremendous knowledge and experience on resolving network's issues as we carry out numerous operation in this area, on the other hand, we hardly ever get our hands on other tasks which are equally essential such as dealing with customers, negotiating with partners or planning workflow of the project. Contrary to the company where a friend of mine work at - a small to medium size firm whose business also involve wireless network, as the company possesses limited wealth, each worker is required to carry out multiple tasks simultaneously. With that fact, my friend who worked as an engineer was also obliged to attend the meeting with customers and construct workflow all by himself. While this might seems tedious at first, in the long run, it is totally worthwhile as he would undoubtedly be equipped with various skill sets which posit him as a valuable resource of the company and might even get promoted when an opportunity arises.

Additionally, large cooperates usually apply very strict policies and punishments in order to keep their employees in line, the policy such as work arrival time and leave time are established as well as punishment such as salary deduction of personnel who fail to follow are commonly seen in a large size company. As opposed to small companies where rules are far more undemanding, working in such environment could bring about satisfaction and delight. For instance, my father who is insanely capable work as a manager in a large company, he receive a steady paycheck with big number every month which enable us to have a well-lived lifestyle. Nonetheless , I still recognized that when I was child we rarely spent time together owing to the fact that he needed to arrive at work at 7:00 AM and able to left after 8:00 PM. Contrarily, my mother work as an assistant in a small local company who also received steady paycheck, despite lower salary, mom always available after finish working at 5:30 AM and often able to accompanied me after school. As the story show, loosen rules in a small company could bring about more available time which individual could spent with their beloved.

Taking into account all these factors it can be concluded that working in a small company is much more beneficial, owing to the fact that one could perceive more knowledge from carrying on abundant responsibilities and more compromising policies applied by small company are far more pleasant to accept.

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Working for a huge firm
companies typically are capable
I would say "one thing that need to be taken into account considered"
employment organization structure
or worse, employee may be totally
Taking my own experience

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