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After graduation learning and expanding to the level when participating in developing research teams

jon snow 1 / -  
Oct 27, 2016   #1
Chevening is looking for individuals that will be future leaders or influencers in their home countries. Explain ...

I knew I want to play a role in the development and rising of my nation in any place I will be in.My Contribution is not for selfish desires and control positions but for encouraging other influences and shoulder the responsibilities with them, take the lead when it is necessary and no one does and overcome challenges and obstacles we face in our life to live in peace, dignity and health as well. I had realized that this contribution will be using my experiences, skills and my interest in scientific research knowledge generally and oral biology specifically to provide sufficient educative resources and network cooperation for dental researchers and increase the awareness of its important in modern dentistry among Egyptian dentists. Also, helping my country through research projects, collecting data from egyptian population and provide solutions to overcome dental health care challenges in Egypt.

I started this journey after the 25 January revolution. Since then, I have experienced several leading situations and played effective roles to satisfy my passion for learning and to service my community. It was a chance to make the difference, so I did not miss the chance.

In the university, voices called for change and new ideas. I felt the responsibility to participate, but I found myself taking the first step and calling for a meeting to discuss and reflect hopes of different minds, help to provide the right paths for our desires and try to gain the trust from them. As a result, we launched the "Better Tomorrow" official students group under my leadership that represent an appropriate place to act. My role toward community expanded through volunteering in non-profit organizations such as Life Makers Foundation. We were enabled to hold surveys and medical conveys that give me a clear image of my society and its needs. All this add to my skills and experience to be effective person in my university and community.

By the time, I become more focused on the way I could use my scientific interest and my desire to help more people as I mentioned before. My policy was first to learn, then practice then spread. But as it is always about passing tests in the college, research opportunities are limited. Again, I decided to move so I was elected as a member of the scientific committee of the college students' union and then its leader. Also, I built fun science day team, assisted in extension of Mansoura association of dental student and participated in scientific competitions, workshops and the campus magazine. Beside academic services, For the first time we had a research workshop, fun science days through the university, scientific surveys in schools and had connections with research networks and associations.

After graduation, I continue in learning and expanding to the level that I participate in developing research teams and building new connections. Theses experiences and skills are tools to my goals to become effective researcher and build a dental research network in addition to applying for academic career.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,797 4780  
Oct 27, 2016   #2
Mahmoud, your reflection on your rise to power as a leader in your academic and social field sounds impressive neough. For an overview. It does not allow for a proper discussion that shows how you grew into your position as a leader. For example, regarding the "Better Tomorrow" organization that you helped found. It would be nice for you to share the difficulties that you faced as you struggled to start the group. You claim to be the group leader and founder, so this is your best chance to show how you used your leadership skills to get what you want out of the school government. This would be the pivotal moment when you were able to successfully influence your classmates and schoolmates to action regarding a specific cause. Do your best to portray these events and the roles that you played in making the final result a positive reality for the group.

The other leadership roles that you mention do not seem to have the possibility to be developed on the same scale as your organizing of the students. I would rather that you focus on the single leadership moment that shows both your leadership and influencing skills in vivid detail than simply relaying your participation in minor activities as you did later on in this essay. You don't need many leadership roles, you just need to present one that builds up your image as a leader and an influential person in the best light. So you have room to shorten the essay and still make it highly informative and important towards your application.

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