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Important activity+motivation for making application-UT Honors Short Essays

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Oct 30, 2008   #1
I have two essays that I have completed and I want to make sure each are grammatically correct and answer the question completely.

Prompt 1: Describe one important activity outside of class that has been an important experience for you, particularly one in which you have played a leadership role. Explain how this activity has helped in your own growth and development (maximum length: one typed page).

As a member of the Brentwood Civitan Youth Field Crew throughout my high school career, I learned how to work with other people efficiently and how to contribute to society honestly. While working on the baseball fields, I did not have a supervisor to make sure I was doing my job correctly; however, I always made an effort to do every part of my work the way it was supposed to be done and to submit my hours honestly. During my first season working as a freshman, I had very little experience. After my sophomore year, my superiors graduated from high school and I took the initiative as lead crew worker. I recruited more members and did what was best for the fields. My goal was to make the fields the best they could be in the city, which became my incentive besides the regular wage. This goal made working everyday after school enjoyable for me. I also learned what it is like to be in a working environment. Working taught me the real value of a dollar. Also, some of my best friends are my co-workers. I became good friends with them because I worked with them on a daily basis. We solved each problem together. Furthermore, I was able to see the baseball fields improve over the four years I worked, and I knew that I had played a major role in making the positive changes.

Prompt 2: In order to complete this application, submit your scholarship essay and provide a short answer (maximum 300 words) to the following question, "What is your principal motivation for making application to the Chancellor's Honors and/or the Haslam Scholar's Programs?"

My principal motivation for applying is primarily an intrinsic motivation. I have always strived to be the best and to take the hardest courses. As a junior, I took AP Calculus when I knew that almost everybody received a grade lower than an 85, thereby affecting their GPA. I persisted, and received a five on the AP exam. I am enrolled in five AP classes this year. I continue to challenge myself to take the harder courses. Why would I not apply to the UT Scholar's Program? There is too much to lose in not applying. I am excited to have the opportunity to be part of the Chancellor's Honors program. If I were to go to UT, I would not feel complete if I were not part of the Honors Program. My primary motivation is that I have an internal ambition to succeed and I have a thirst for learning. (151 words)

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