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Irish education and Vietnamese students - Master studies

khangdu8897 2 / 3  
Mar 24, 2020   #1

The Essay to apply GOI Scholarship

Essay objective:
1/ Show your long-term interests in Ireland.
2/ How will you promote this scholarship during the time as a Scholar and following my studies as alumni?

Before applying to do Master's studies, I am always persistent and passionate for a diverse learning environment in such a place as Ireland.

I have spent years preparing and searching for countries to pursue my academic careers. After graduation, I would love to put myself in the middle of a new culture and new environment in which I can develop myself both interpersonally and professionally. Ireland is a perfect place as a result of its combination of historical features and modern architecture. Based on my own cultural understanding, Irish people are renowned for their friendliness and hospitality which greatly contributes to overseas student's life in Ireland. I believe this is an opportunity to make long-lasting friendships with Irish people and others from all around the world.

Furthermore, Ireland is the ideal destination which suits my sociocultural and international orientation. My goal after graduation is entering the Marketing industry, as a high-profile Market Research or Digital Marketing Analyst/Specialist, where I can utilise my knowledge and expertise in identifying, developing, and implementing Marketing Behaviour/Consumption solutions. I would like to start my own venture/work in Ireland due to its competitive market force in which I could dedicate myself in the life long learning and profession in the next 5-10 following years.

My aspiration in life is to positively impact people, my peers and the next generations in particular. This is a rewarding, exciting job but challenging due to its long-term commitment. Since April 2019, I have been continually creating and publishing on Facebook about matters related to "life after being graduated" as well as sharing experiences to fulfil college life. This would be the ideal a means of communication to Economics students at first, and to Vietnamese youngsters afterwards. Furthermore, my non-office ambition is to build this community being even larger during my studies in Ireland as a GOI-IES Scholar. Although I have been able to make videos on iMovie thanks to the Japanese Exchange Program last year, I will continue nurturing this ambition by taking Photoshop extra courses to create a more eye-opening experience in Ireland through my posting videos. This will be encouraging more students to pursue their interests, degrees, and careers as well.

Finally, as GOI-IES alumni, I would be a best-fit connector between Irish education and Vietnamese students. In order to advocate Ireland, I will collaborate with International Education Agents in Vietnam to participate in the "Overseas study abroad festivals" as a representative. What I can do best is to share, to advise, and to inspire people with the dreams of studying abroad, especially for those who need financial and mental supports.

Holt [Contributor] - / 9,355 2884  
Mar 24, 2020   #2
You do not accurately portray responses to either questions in your essay. A long term interest in Ireland would be something along the lines of you not wanting to immediately go back to Vietnam after graduating in Ireland. Maybe work for a specific marketing company in Ireland. A high profile, international company that probably has some sort of representation in Vietnam. That way, after say 2 years of working for the company in Ireland, you can go back to Vietnam, seek employment at the same company through a country transfer, and continue to promote the Irish way of marketing in Vietnam. This is just a suggestion. You should have a more concrete idea in mind based on my imaginative suggestion.

Once you create the connected link between the time you will spend post studies in Ireland to the activities you will do to promote Ireland and GOI-ES in Vietnam, you should have a better developed explanation in relation to the prompt requirements. Right now, you are providing non-specific, non-answers to both questions. You need to think deeper and analyze exactly how your career will be helped by the scholarship and studies in Ireland. Only then will be you able to use specifics to develop a proper response to the discussion topics.

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