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The key words describing a successful leader - Leadership and influence (Chevening)

yyoussef 1 / 2  
Nov 1, 2018   #1

consistency, inspiring, self-motivation

I have always believed that consistency, inspiring and self-motivation are the keywords of most of being a successful leader. A good leader must have a futuristic vision, moreover to be able to analyze the reality and solve the current problems.

During the first year of university, i joined the staff of students' union, throughout the election phase i learnt how to express my view in developing the university and i learnt practically how to influence small groups such as my colleagues and my college students. I have also learnt many ways to explain my opinions and views, for instance i had a great challenge since it was my first year and i needed to get renown to be elected as there have been so many candidates who were equal to the position, but i had the highest number of voices because i manged to make alliances and created Coalition with other parties to assure raising my chances in gathering voices.

The second challenge was implementing this vision on a wider scale, so i managed to lead the scientific committee as the president and launched three different social projects continuously over the 4 Years in my voluntary work: The projects were ( Help your mate (Ethical), Be a tour guide (business) and The college got talent (Artificial)). There were also many operational obstacles as in the project (Be a tour guide (business)), we had to afford comfortable buses for students and the tutorial guides within the available budget, so i was able to raise the funding budget from the student's committee showing the effect of the project on the business view of the students, on the other hand i raised the funding by adding a reasonable costs to the end-user, increasing the quality allowed the project to be continues for 3 years due to successful organization and high-quality.

These three Projects were absolutely the cornerstone of my practical life and helped me finding a place in a multinational telecommunication company like Vodafone, which i consider as a very important job in my career path in which i have been promoted for achievements and my professional attitude with my colleagues and supervisors to be a floorwalker.

I hope that the Chevening award would be a profitable step in my career for getting better opportunities in life and career.

ahmedbaehaq 3 / 5 1  
Nov 1, 2018   #2
here is my opinion,
It would be better if you could explain the example of your leadership in the professional scope. Because Chevening asks you to show your leadership in your working environment.
Holt [Contributor] - / 9,531 2963  
Nov 2, 2018   #3
Yousef, your presentation is extremely weak. There is no clear example of your college leadership and influencing skills and your second paragraph is not too clear as to whether this was still an academic or a volunteer function at a specific organization. Regardless, the lack of evolution of your leadership skills from academic to professional means this essay will not be considered as a competitive application essay.

Do not tell the reviewer about your abilities. Use examples that highlight your skills. Make sure the examples show the foundation of your leadership and influencing potential. That means the academic example needs to be more specific. Then transition that into how you applied the same skills, with improvements, in a volunteer setting. Finally, give a concrete example of how the improved skills have seen further enhancements due to its importance in your profession.
Alaa Badawi 4 / 5  
Nov 3, 2018   #4
I think if you can explain more your role as a leader, your impacts on your team and your achievements because they aren't clear.

Secondly, your intro and your conclusion could be much stronger as they are the first impression and the last one, so try to work on them.

Very best.

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