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KGSP Scholarship 2020 Personal Statement International Relations

Tade19 1 / -  
Jan 22, 2020   #1
Hey guys,
Can you please take a look at my POS, and give me your thorough thoughts?

South Korea is an amazing country

My interest in Korea started at the age of fourteen through the historical drama, Jumong. The theatre portrayal of a nation's history amazed me, which increased my longing for more understanding of this East Asian nation, right from the days of GoJoseon to present-day Korea Peninsula. Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) will give me the opportunity to study at the prestigious Seoul National University (SNU), and achieve a lifetime goal, one of which is knowing the Korean language like a native and being an important link between the Korean and Nigerian people.

To better understand the language and culture, I started learning Korean in the spring of 2016 through past TOPIK questions and YouTube classes. To further sharpen my language skills and gain a deeper understanding of the Korean culture, I came to South Korea in 2017 and took Korean classes for the duration of three months. During this time, I got the opportunity to volunteer with the Korea International Volunteers (KIV) where I taught English language and assisted with Korean language and mathematics assignments. In unofficial cases, I have worked as a translator and interpreter between Korean and English language. I have been working with the US-Asia Institute for five months now, and my main project has been to increase the organization's relationship with South Korea through delegations, briefings, and roundtable discussions on Korean issues. The first program created towards this project was a Korea-Japan briefing for US Congressional staff in 2019 which saw a minimum of 120 attendees.

I want to study in South Korea because a master's degree in Korean language in South Korea solidifies my Korean language abilities, and gives me the opportunity to indulge in intellectual discussions that I cannot find elsewhere. Such an experience equips me with skills and knowledge to impact the world, and deepens my understanding of issues in contemporary Korea through academia and professional opportunities. The Global Korea Scholarship opens that opportunity for me. With SNU's location and reputation, intensifying my skills by applying theories to real-world scenarios is more than possible. Building a diplomatic career, I think, starts from the right school and being among the right people who will hone my focus and fuel my passion, with a space to do the same for my colleagues. My research interests spans Japan-South Korea bilateral relations, the domestic politics and internal development of South Korea, and relations on the Korean peninsula. I am interested in the research of faculty members like Professor Jang In-Sung, Professor Shin Wookhee, and Professor Jo Dong-Joon.

Attaining a masters from SNU is to develop a greater knowledge on Korea and build an expertise in Korea policy. I think SNU is the best school where I get to wholly function on the Korea platform and practicalize theories discussed in the classroom. The curriculum at SNU does not only focus on the theory and practice of international affairs, but emphasizes community service and offers an in-depth analysis of international economic, cultural, and political issues, a distinct attribute I reckon with. Studying at SNU through the GKS Scholarship will be a stepping stone towards achieving my career goals and growing my knowledge in relation to South Korea, solidifying my language skills and gaining experience in government work. I might not be the best academic applicant applying, but I believe my passion for Korea's national and foreign policy is outstanding.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,974 4811  
Jan 23, 2020   #2
This is already a tremendously strong essay that definitely has the potential to move you up the GKS consideration list. If you wish to further strengthen this essay though, you must consider explaining your reasons for choosing this university in relation to your academic objectives. What specific education objectives and goals does the university address through its curriculum? Show the reviewer, no give the reviewer, a sense that you have had your eye on enrolling in this university every since you spent 3 months studying the Korean language. Set out to impress the reviewer. The GKS and educational connection is strong in your case, you just need to further highlight the university choice to help increase the academic consideration factor for your essay.

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