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Masters of science in Agriculture and food security

Olinga Stephen 1 / -  
Mar 3, 2024   #1
I have interest in Masters of science in Agriculture and food security at Curtin Perth University-Australia, primarily because the program is in line with my Job tasks, desired career path and dream of improving Agricultural production, food security and poverty reduction in the Semi arid region of Karamoja. My working experience in the Agro pastoral region of Karamoja, I have had hands on experience in both plant and animal agriculture research and technology dissemination. My tasks, requires participatory involvement of the poor pastoralist who have continued to live a life full of poverty for the last 3 decades. This has increased my desire to contribute more to increased food security in this region, particularly, looking for more advanced knowledge and skills related to improving the semi arid farming systems. One sure solution to poverty is the masters program at Curtin Perth University offering science and technology for crop, pasture, livestock and food production. Through this program I should be able to apply the role of crop and animal genetics and management in achieving sustainable production against semi arid environmental constraints, and their integration into viable dry land farming systems.

I have chosen Curtin Perth University because it offers accredited and internationally recognized courses which are delivered in a supportive, student-focused learning environment, allowing me to tailor my studies to my professional ambitions. The University has many facilities and a great environment to support me attend to my studies. Its also the only University that offer MSc In Agriculture and food security in Australia.

In Conclusion, as a Research Technician, a trainer and consultant, I chose this Masters course because it will surely equip me with the specialized knowledge and skills needed to support government institutes, NGOs, Universities and farms in Uganda, respond to some of today's biggest challenges within the Agriculture and food sectors.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,797 4780  
Mar 7, 2024   #2
You need to revise this essay. There should be 2 university choices presented. Either 2 universities with the same masters course or 2 different courses with different targets for you as a student and professional. While you have clearly explained your skills and how you plan to use the educational improvement in your country, that is not the focal point of this essay. What you have to do is show that you have chosen universities that will help support your development as a professional through its educational programs and training facilities. This must be done twice in the essay. That is because the reviewer would like to consider your explanation in relation to your actual academic qualifications and the university student considerations.

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