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Mental health disorders - Commonwealth Master's scholarships, development impact essay part 1

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Oct 15, 2023   #1

Mental health disorders

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one in eight people globally is living with mental health disorders, and more than 116 million people are estimated to be in Africa. WHO reported that most people facing poverty, Violence, disability, inequality, and environmental deprivation are vulnerable to mental health disorders. But despite this, Most African societies especially rural areas have limited access to Mental health services with more than 70% of the people with mental health who don't receive treatment. The Mental Health Atlas of 2020, reported Africa with the least mental health workers with the medium number of 1.6 mental health workers compared to 13 mental health workers per 100,000 population.

Mental Health is one of Tanzania's health ministry's top priorities, but one of the challenges discussed in the mental health dialogue in 2022 is the lack of professionals in Mental health disorders. Studying Global Mental Health and Society will enable me to gain advanced knowledge and specialization in mental health in relation to society which is needed to strengthen the health system and capacity of the health ministry to improve knowledge, raise awareness, and drive actions that can promote and protect people's mental health as a universal human right.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,974 4811  
Oct 15, 2023   #2
I am not sure if this is a topic slant that can get you a Commonwealth scholarship. While mental health is a growing concern worldwide, it does not appear in the SGDP goals of most nations. Now, if it does for Tanzania then you are in luck. You should mention the number of the SDGP goal it falls under and what the government plan to eradicate the problem is. From there, work on explaining how you see yourself using the education you will receive to help the government achieve that goal for mental health. Focus on the development impact of mental health on your country's specific or overall growth. This current presentation does not actually meet those requirements for a proper development impact essay.

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