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Networking Is Being With The Right Person - Chevening Networking Essay

Leo007 1 / -  
Nov 16, 2021   #1
Hello Everyone, Below You Will Find My Detailed Essay of Networking For Chevening Essay. Your Feedback Will Be Appreciated. Thanks

The Right Place with a Right Person

The same way good leadership is about doing "The Right Thing at Right Time", for me good Networking is being at "The Right Place with a Right Person".

I consider sharing an experience as one of the best ways to connect. One bright example is S****, an Assistant Professor from Rochester Institute of Technology in Dubai with whom I met in Pakistan, and later on he played an important role in my arrival at La Sapienza University of Rome in Italy. We first met while working on design of Water Desalination System for people of Gawadar in Pakistan who were suffering from water salinity. I was not part of the principal team and working as an design assistant. My task was to check their Part drawings for improvements and provide advise about optimization, so during manufacturing they don't face any problems. I believe that the workshops and trainings we conducted, was the principal source of strengthening my network with other colleagues. Because of his professional commitments, he was not able to attend the conference in person, therefore, I was requested to take the lead of presenting the poster infront of committee in Bahawalpur. I consider S****'s reference as one of the agitators in winning LazioDisco scholarship of Italy. Since then, we are actively communicating through emails and social media.

Additionally, I strongly consider curricular and non-curricular workshops, conferences and seminars as an important source of building our networks. Attending such events has tremendously improved my knowledge and interest of renewable industry. For example for the first time, I met my supervisor Dr. A***, a scholar of Loughborough University of England, during a workshop at Peshawar Eco Summit. His unusual speech about introduction of new technologies in substitution of fossil based technologies with renewables left an impression in me and I approached and requested him to supervise my undergraduate thesis, which he readily accepted. The project we did is still operational for the third consecutive year and still I'm invited for meetings and guiding juniors. Similarly, another big reason why I consider such type of events as an invaluable source of building network is because it was through Dr. A*** that I learned that UK is one of the early adopters when it comes to decentralization (Report of Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)), and if properly addressed, I could successfully achieve my career goals (Peer-to-peer Electricity sharing startup) by pursuing a master's degree under Chevening Scholarship program. Likewise, M****, Co-Chair of Women in Energy startup, is another great connect that I made during Joint Forces for Solar Pakistan event in Lahore, and later on her reports about gender parity in energy sector helped me a lot when I was preparing draft for my Research paper.

I strongly believe that without networking this world wouldn't have progressed because every single progress we make in our lives is a result of efforts made by series of people (family, friend or maybe a stranger). Without networking, I wouldn't imagine a common man from W*** (which is a fraction of Peshawar, Pakistan) meeting an environment activist (C****) at an Erasmus Youth Exchange who later on collaborated with me on Master thesis. It's all these different circle of events (Chevening, Exchanges, Conferences and Social Media) that introduce one dot of humanity to another dot, ultimately making a community of love and kindness, where one can benefit from other and build a better future for our countries.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,978 3867  
Nov 28, 2021   #2
I am reviewing your essay upon instructions from the forum moderators.

Focus on your professional networking skills and applications. This current application does not properly reference how your contacts have helped you create a solid professional series of contacts who have been helpful to the development and advancement of your career. You speak of these contacts mostly in amateurish and learning manners, without any reference to your actual work skills and how these contacts helped in the completion of your projects.

Basically, your essay is a series of name-dropping situations, without any actual benefit to your professional achievements. It does not really compare to the other applicants who have proper and relevant networking specifications in their applications . You have not shown any true career advancement, nor indicated why these networks would be a definite plus if you are accepted as a Chevening scholar. The name dropping is irrelevant when it does not connect properly with your career path and Chevening scholarship requirements.

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