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Questbridge 1, Historical Figure to meet: Gavrilo Princip

IcarusFliesOn 1 / -  
Sep 14, 2020   #1

Tell us about one of your proudest achievements or moments and what it says about you.

A historical figure I would like to meet is Gavrilo Princip. He might be a relatively unknown historical figure to many people but his actions were what made the world the way it is now. Although the "shot heard round the world" is a phrase used to describe the first shot at the Battle of Concord, I would argue that the shot made by Gavrilo fits the phrase better. His assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria would have major ramifications. This action would culminate in the First World War. Through the butterfly effect, his action would also lead to the Second World War, the Cold War, and many other major events of the 20th century. What I would ask him is if he knew the consequences of his actions, would he still have made the shot? I am curious to see if the man that had the conviction to kill another would do so again knowing many more would inevitably die. Would the young Bosnian Serb who had fought for the unification of all Yugoslavs still take the same actions knowing millions would die for his cause?

Epi101 2 / 4 3  
Sep 14, 2020   #2
HI. I'm not sure if you answered the task "Tell us about one of ...". Maybe it was a mistake and it was an answer to another question?

Overall I think it's an interesting essay with a good flow, easy to understand and interesting. You use a wide range of lexical resource and almost no grammatical error I believe.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,301 3343  
Sep 15, 2020   #3
You mixed up your question presentations. This response is meant for a different Questbridge essay regarding the proudest moment in your life. Please make sure that you accurately use the prompt questions. Any mistakes can result in the denial of your application. In this case it like you were asked "1+1" then, instead of answering 2, you responded "The Life of Pi". Any reviewer could think you were not serious about your application and immediately end your quest for admissions there.

Going back to the essay with the wrong topic, you do not need to argue with anybody. You are only being asked about who your would want to meet, why, and how that day would go. You gave a history lesson instead. So your response is totally incorrect and cannot be used for this application. The questions you posed are fine. The problem, is that there was no hypothetical interaction and response within your essay.

Assume you were to physically meet him. Where would it be? Why there? How would you ask the questions? Why those questions? How do you expect him to respond? Imagine the meeting and relate it to the reader. Be creative. Make sure to sound thrilled at the meeting. Be in awe. Make it seem like you came away from that day having learned something about the person or the cause that no other person could have without meeting him in person.

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