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Personal Statement for Erasmus Mundus CLMC programme scholarship

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Jan 19, 2021   #1

Clmc application letter

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing this letter to show my aspiration to pursue the International Master in Children's Literature, Media & Culture (CLMC) programme.

I graduated in 2019 with a Bachelor of Design degree from The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda. I specialized in Communication Design. During my course of study, I developed a keen interest in 'illustrations'. I carried forward this interest further and it became my passion. I am an illustrator now. I write stories as well, especially for children, some of them are- 'Hide-and-Seek', 'The Revival', and 'Solar Trap'. One of my publication is - Wise Up to Combat Child Sexual Abuse, which I designed and illustrated. It has been published by Indra Publishing House in 2019. In the future, I want to write and illustrate 'timeless' children's stories. And in order to achieve this goal, I need to expand my knowledge in the field of children's literature, media and culture. Therefore, the CLMC programme is the best fit to help me with my future goals.

I am based in Vadodara city of India. I work part-time as a graphic designer here. In the course of my undergraduate programme, I interned with children's book publisher- Karadi Tales. During my internship, I illustrated board book 'Something's Falling'. I also used to attend workshops conducted by Karadi Tales on reading and storytelling. In addition to this, I have interned with 'Vaw World Animation Studio' as well. In this internship, I was responsible for the concept development, character design, and storyboarding for the projects. During my undergraduate programme, I used to be an active participant in field visits to printing presses. Combining all of these experiences, I am strongly motivated to move forward in the field of children's literature.

After finishing my Bachelor's degree, I taught in the Parul University as a guest lecturer. During which, I conducted workshops for 'creative skills' and 'sketching'. Also, I have been conducting art workshops in children's schools occasionally. Teaching is a never-ending learning process. And I revere learning. I believe that, that is the way we evolve as a human being. This evolution starts right from childhood. To direct the evolution to the right path, I think, it is important to show the child the beautiful and essential things of life. Thus, in my year 2 dissertation, I would like to research about children's books which present a fine line between children's fiction and adult spirituality, e.g. The Little Prince, Winnie the Pooh, A Wrinkle in Time, etc.

Looking at the CLMC programme structure, I found that the courses covered suit the best for my career plans. I have always been an inquisitive student. I like to know new information, which brings me to think of more new questions. Learning about critical and historical perspectives on children's literature, new media for children, and cultural effects on children's literature and media- will help me find answers to my questions.

I have always been eager to know about different cultures from different places, especially folk and tribal cultures. I delight in travelling. In the course of my Bachelor's degree, I did on-site research on 'Gond' tribe's wood carving. The research document is called 'Gond Kashthashilpa'. Moreover, I can speak Hindi, English, Gujarati, and French. I have earned a beginner's certificate in the French language. Considering my interest in diverse cultures, and the curiosity of experiencing them, the global character of the CLMC programme will serve as an excellent opportunity for me. Utilizing the mobility of this programme, I will get to observe divergent standards of teaching, as well as build upon my cultural cognisance.

Apart from working on my own growth, I like to help others to grow as well. Even during my school days, I used to do home-tuitions gratis for needful children around my locality. I was also a member of The Bharat Scouts and Guides association. I have worked for NGO Barefoot College as well. Besides, I was the school captain for co-curricular activities. I used to participate actively in debate, singing, drama, and drawing competitions. I relish singing. I am trained in Hindustani classical music. I also enjoy reading a lot. Recently, I attended an online workshop on illustrations by the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) of India. All of these interests and activities of mine make me a very open-minded and enthusiastic person, which is a key to being a good student for this programme.

I have got over with many obstacles in life. My parents teach in high school. I have three siblings. Our family has struggled from minimal to a moderate level of livelihood. But regardless of any circumstances, my family has always taught me to never give up. I have also learnt the same thing from my art, music, and books. Keeping this spirit alive in me, I want to tell you that if given an opportunity, I will do my best in the CLMC programme and I would serve the society with my earnest dedication.

Thank you.

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Jan 19, 2021   #2
The personal statement is good. However, there are sections that would better serve a purpose in your motivational letter. If you can remove the parts that better relate to the motivation letter, then you will have a pretty solid personal statement to present. You need to be strong in both essays to qualify as a candidate, so avoid confusing the presentation by including aspects that would strengthen the motivation more. If you will agree, remove paragraphs 3 and 5, the personal statement will be more focused. It will deal mostly with the development of your profession and skills, but will not encroach on your statement of purpose, when you write one for the application.

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