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Personal statement for Erasmus mundus IMSISS programme (self-founded)

Martssm 1 / -  
Feb 2, 2024   #1
Please be as precise as you can when writing your Supporting Personal Statement. Do not repeat yourself and do not exceed the total word limit for the personal statement (600 words). You must address the following questions in your personal statement:

1. What is your main motivation for applying to the IMSISS postgraduate degree?
2. How will your educational background and/or work experience inform your engagement with this programme?
3. How will this programme support your future career development?

Dear IMSISS Admission Committee,
In a world seemingly veering towards conflict, I aspire to be part of enduring international and national peace. It is with this commitment in mind that I am writing to express my determined interest in the IMSISS programme, particularly in Pathway A.

My first motivation for applying to this program originate from my bachelor's degree in Strategic and Security Sciences from the University of [name]. This degree has provided me with an remarkable knowledge in fields such as international and criminal law, strategic thinking and intelligence. I am writing my final thesis on the international arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court against Vladimir Putin, demonstrating my dedication to understanding and delving into criminal issues and their implications for global security.

Moreover, my university is a distinctive institution established in cooperation with the [state] Armed Forces. This partnership has not only expanded my understanding but has also instilled in me a deep sense of responsibility towards contributing to the field.

Additionally, my university experiences make me a unique candidate. I have familiarity with intelligence topics through specialized exams and seminars conducted by high-ranking commanders and officials of the Army. These seminars not only covered intelligence but also the doctrine of the Army and the landscape of international security, providing invaluable insights not commonly found in other courses.

On top of that, my participation in the Model United Nations project of the Diplomatic Academy, along with specific courses and simulations of UN functioning both in Paris and New York, has given me indispensable skills such as critical thinking and research abilities. This experience has not only deepend my knowledge of international relations but has also increased my passion for diplomacy and conflict resolution.

Since December, I have been doing an internship at the non-formal education association, [name], where I am working on a project related to anti-mafia efforts and undertaking a course on cybersecurity. This experience is allowing me to explore and study in deep the complexities of national and international security.

Last year I was awarded an Erasmus+ Traineeship Scholarship. Unfourtanetly unforeseen circumstances beyond my control stopped me from living this opportunity. However, this setback has only build up my determination to engage internationally, underlining the importance of adaptability, resilience, and perseverance in pursuing academic and professional goals.

Looking towards my future, I aspire to use the opportunities and the knowledge given me by the IMSISS program to porsue an ambitious career in international organisation, focusing in global security, or a career in which I can represent and defend the security of my own country and its alliances. I firmly believe that this master's program, with its interdisciplinary and unique approach to international security challenges, going from intelligence to terrorism and featuring interventions from professional and special opportunities, is unparalleled and unbeatable. It not only offers knowledge I am ready to acquire through hard work and strong commitment but also allows me to travel and develop my adaptation skills by moving each semester, stepping out of my comfort zone to explore new places and meet new people. This will give me skills that I am sure are essential for understanding the international challenges the future hold and hide.

In conclusion, I am convinced that my great determination and ambitions, the exceperiences that I had and the unique dual nature of my educational background make me a perfect candidate for this master's program.

Thank you for considering my application.
Yours sincerely,
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,898 4797  
Feb 7, 2024   #2
I am writing my final thesis

Consider finding a connection between your interest in Pathway A and your thesis research. You will do well to show a continuing point of interest and study to the reviewer to help heighten your application consideration. Once there is a clear connection, the reviewer will understand how serious you are to attend the program.

contributing to the field.

That may be clear to you, but you have to explain it to the reader. You cannot make blanket statements and expect the reader to understand and justify your claims.


Such as? The main fault of your essay is that you have a tendency to make unjustified claims. There is no evidence coming from you that would prove any of the information you have provided. So the reviewer is informed only on a limited, and possibly irrelevant basis with regards to your application.

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