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Personal statement in Plant Pathology Ph.D. for KGSP scholarship 2024

aya ibrahim 1 / -  
Feb 12, 2024   #1
Please help me to prepare this personal statement in a proficient way

"Germination experiment of bean seeds" from here my interest began. When I was young, when my science teacher did this experiment and described how germination occurs, this experiment greatly impressed me and got me thinking about how these seeds grow up to these plants or these huge trees. This increased my curiosity for discovering more about plants, and I began to grow different plants to observe the variations also, I was very happy to stay with plants and care of it's a lot. My passion for this science increased more and more which led me to join the faculty of agriculture and in particular, the Department of Pest Control and Plant Diseases. I have always been fascinated by how plants defend themselves against diseases, and how we can use this knowledge to develop effective and sustainable strategies for disease management. I have also been aware of the global challenges and opportunities in the field of plant pathology, such as climate change, emerging pathogens, biotechnology, and biosecurity, and how they require innovative and interdisciplinary solutions. I have a big energy inside me I want to learn more and more, so I want to complete my Ph.D. in a country like South Korea because, South Korea has a strong tradition of research and education in this field and it has several academic societies, journals, and laboratories dedicated to plant pathology, such as the Korean Society of Plant Pathology, the Plant Pathology Journal, and the Seoul National University Fungal Plant Pathology Laboratory, also ranks high in the world for its research performance in pathology, based on the number and quality of publications. So, I am confident that studying in Korea will provide me with an excellent opportunity to enhance my knowledge, skills, and network in plant pathology, and to pursue my career goals as a researcher and a leader in this field.

Being in the family very supportive of you is the most important thing of all. My parents always encourage me to be a successful person. My mam always told me that nothing is difficult anything is very easy when you have the will, so do your best towards your goals and don't look back. These words make me a positive person who can do anything at any time. Also, I became independent of myself from my childhood. Now, I can simply do multiple tasks and I don't see anything difficult because I have the confidence of myself and experience that enable me to become successful in my field.

I graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture at Minia University in 2019, majoring in pest control and plant diseases, with a satisfactory GPA. I got a GPA of 3.91 out of 4 ranked first with an honor grade. In this department, I studied many courses in plant pathology, microbiology, and molecular biology in addition to courses related to insects, pesticides, nematodes, and honeybees. I took pest control and plant diseases as my major subject. Because this field as compared with others is a big challenge, I experienced. And I like these types of challenges. The reasons for being its challengeable field include plant diseases and pests causing a great loss in reducing crop production and yield, decreasing the quality and quantity of food products, etc., and as a result, badly affecting the economy worldwide. During studies, we were involved in touch with different practical works on the isolation and identification of different plant pathogens.

I still have a passion for scientific research in plant pathology. After graduation, I trained as a researcher at the plant pathology department at Minia University for six months. In this period, I was touched with different researchers, different types of experiments, and techniques by helping the researchers in the lab. As a result, I gained variable knowledge about the basics of scientific research, preparing and doing different experiments such as isolation of fungi and bacteria, pathogenicity tests, microscopes examination, different inoculation methods, field surveys of different types of diseases, and writing a review of articles. This knowledge that I gained from this period enabled me to decide to enroll in a master's degree in plant bacterial diseases.

I have also gained valuable research experience in plant pathology through my master's thesis research, which focuses on using eco-friendly chemical compounds to control Enterobacter cloacae that infect snake cucumber plants in Minia governorate, Egypt. Enterobacter cloacae could be considered as a new phytopathogenic bacteria to cucurbitaceous plants in Egypt, which causes symptoms such as leaf spots in cucumber and snake cucumber plants. My research aimed to Isolate and identify the causal agent of bacterial leaf spots in cucumber and snake cucumber plants, Study the toxicity of bacterial crude culture filtrates (CCF), and use oxidant and antioxidant chemical compounds to control Enterobacter cloacae. I have performed various experiments, such as molecular identification, physiological tests of bacteria, host range, pathogenicity tests, secondary metabolites, inhibition tests, and disease management. I did my master's experiments and wrote a thesis in 2 years because of my seriousness, positive attitude, and hyperactivity in the lab.

My research interests align well with the KGSP scholarship program's objectives and priorities, which are to support talented and innovative students in the fields of science and technology, and to foster international collaboration and exchange among researchers. I am particularly interested in the research topic of molecular plant immunity. I believe that this topic is important and timely, as they address the current and future challenges of plant disease management in a changing world. I am eager to learn from the leading experts in this field and to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and innovation in plant pathology.

Through my employment as an assistant lecturer in the Department of Plant Pathology, faculty of agriculture at Minia University. I do many tasks in the department such as collaborating with other academics and lecturers in preparing and delivering lectures, tutorials, workshops, and seminars, providing support to students, setting and grading assignments, tests, and exams of undergraduates, using teaching resources and facilities as appropriate, and ensure the content, methods, and learning materials meet the requirements of each teaching session, attending and participating in training opportunities, meetings, conferences, and other events in and outside of the institution, conducting research, and writing papers, proposals, journal articles, and completing graduate studies according to university regulations.

My future goal is to develop myself to be a lecturer and researcher in the field of plant pathology. By having solid experiences as a teaching assistant and a research member, I have developed a heartfelt love for this profession. Besides teaching at a university in Egypt, I would like to contribute actively to addressing the issues related to the losses in economic production caused by plant diseases by conducting research, extensions, or publishing journals. However, there is still a gap in both my knowledge and an academic requirement that I need to fulfill to be qualified as a lecturer. Advanced theories and information in Korea will facilitate me immensely in the achievement of remarkable progress, fulfilling my desire to become a lecturer in the field of plant pathology.

In addition to my academic and research achievements, I am a volunteer in the Kon Za Athar Charity Team which helps the poor and needy by providing food, and clothes and improving their living conditions.

In conclusion, I am very interested and motivated to pursue a Ph.D. degree in plant pathology at one of the big universities in Korea with the support of the KGSP scholarship program. I believe that I have the academic qualifications, research skills, and passion for the field that make me a suitable candidate for this scholarship program and this program.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,974 4811  
Feb 18, 2024   #2
You are already applying for a PhD scholarship. One of the highest levels of academic study. So application information should not be going back t elementary school. Data shared in the essay should refer to your most recent, post masters degree studies instead. There should be a track of continued learning and career progression present in the discussion. It should not back track to pre-college days, it should start from post college days instead. The prompt may seem open but the reviewers will be looking for certain information that has a demarcation line. At a certain point, they will not consider information provided. Not when it time travels to a period when your dreams were just starting. You are expected to have already achieve some of your dreams at this point. You should be able to discuss that thoroughly in this essay in relation to the prompt requirements.

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