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The Personal Statement for graduate KGSP Scholarship. Other field in master course

chanelkarpova 1 / -  
Jan 7, 2020   #1
Hello! I am applying to KGSP. I want to study Biology in Korea. But I graduated in Psychology and I'm not sure where should I put the reasons why I think I will need to change the field, in a personal statement or in the study plan, since here in a personal statement no questions about the object and field of study. I would really appreciate it if you could give me any kind of suggestions.Please help me to reduce it, i really cannot understand which part i should remove, it should be one page times new roman 11. Thank you.

from psychology into the biology

I am the oldest child in my family, have 4 younger brothers, I always loved to study to getting know new facts new fields, when I was 7 I started to study chemistry and biology and liked it very much when I was 9 I read all books we had at home, it was three large bookcases. I graduated from art school in 2016 and Music school - majoring in piano and vocal, in 2009 with perfect grades, I did horseback riding and visited horse races every week since I was 12 and until we had a racetrack in our city, later it has been rebuilding into shopping mall, I was so disappointed, now I'm doing horseback riding just in private stabling.

Among my personal characteristics, the most important are responsibility, perfectionism - I always have to do any job perfectly and completely, creativity and critical thinking. Also punctuality. I always improve myself, I studied German and Japanese, Korean and Latina, Czech language also.

I have completed my undergraduate studies in July 2017, with a GPA of 3.87 out of 5.00, my major was psychology, this is my mother's profession but also a profession that arouses my great interest and I think that this knowledge was just essential for me.

I was an active and independent student among others during my undergraduate studies, often involved in many volunteer and scientific activities. In fact, I was chosen to work in Department of Psychology from other more than 200 other students in an undergraduate class.

My final thesis is * Dependance of suicidal tendencies and personality of students from Russia and South Korea*. This was the cross-cultural analysis, I used different international methods and diagnostics and got very high scores from the commission which included Dean of my Department and other 5 professors, each of them asked many questions about my thesis and I successfully defended and got my degree.

I visited Korea for the first time in 2016 spring, at that time I fell in love for the first time in my life, at very first sight, with Korea. The reason why I visited country was that I saw the BBC program and i realized that I really wanna visit that country, it was my first time when I went anywhere abroad, I went alone, it was challenging, but I met so many good people, I got knew Korea is very safe, very beautiful and that I just love Korean culture.

Then I decided to study at a language course in Korea because I wanted to study there, the first university was Dankook in Yongin city, where I studied for 1 semester and then I studied at Seoul National University for two semesters, each 10 weeks. Here started the journey, I met so much great professors and i met good friend who studied in Biochemistry faculty, he kept bringing me to laboratory and showing their job and study and that was amazing, equipment they had and how professors are talented and o often stayed in his lab talking with other students and professors about researches, since then it became my dream to study in Korean university. I found very comfortable to live in Korea, I find traditions and culture very interesting and amazing, I still keep eating 미역국 on my birthday.

Studying at last courses in university, I studied at the same time in Korea, I never had any problems with academic performance, and I'm quite responsible and serious person, the Dean's office allowed me to study according to an individual plan, externally, which I did, at the same time studying both in Russia and Korea, periodically at holidays in Korea, I had a flight to Russia and was passing exams and practice and so on. It was not easy, but I do not like to waste time, and I would like to make time works and to do as many useful things as possible, to help as many people as possible, to contribute science.

I have perfect academic performance and always got very good reviews from professors with who I have been worked.
I believe that psychology is the basis of the profession of any work with people since the factor of the human psyche can never be excluded, the psyche has a huge impact on experiments and studies related to the human body, there are statistics that prove this, therefore I believe that first of all I should know well the principles of the psyche work, its mechanisms, in order to prevent further errors that could be made by a scientist who does not understand this, and to achieve the maximum purity of the experiment.

I have my private psychological practice for more than 3 years. Among my professional achievements, I has been volunteered for several years, the volunteer center was involved in helping children with autism spectrum disorders, we help with adaptation, development, and also help parents of such children, also worked in the hospital as a counselor, in a public school as a counselor, conducted research about the levels of mental development of children in a military boarding school, worked at the department of psychology as an assistant of professor.

The thirst for knowledge, the desire to develop, change, help, make an innovation discovery, I think this is what makes me special. I am also a very capable student and I love the learning process itself, the acquisition of new knowledge and skills, the improvement of old skills, sharing the experience of senior colleagues and professors, this is all priceless for me. My love for science and knowledge is limitles.I'm not afraid of difficulties, I'm used to working hard, this is one of the reasons why I love Korea so much, people work hard here and create a bright future. It is also one of the fastest-growing countries. Korea amazed me and made me fall in love at first sight, I love the culture of Korea traditions, language. I would be very grateful if you give me this priceless opportunity to study my master course here.

I'm planning to do the next thesis about dependance between organic brain damage and mental changes.

Having these interests and goals incredibly motivated me to apply for Global Korea Scholarship and I hope to be able to be chosen and get this once in a lifetime opportunity to reach my future goals. I choose to pursue a Master's degree in Biology via the GKS program since it offers an amazing educational and cultural experience. With the Korean Language Program, I want to brought to ideal my Korean and reach TOPIK 6 level. Then I will do researches in Korean and in English both. I believe that being a part of GKS program will give me a great opportunity to build a great relationship between Korea and Russia, in an academic way, since we are neighbors countries. And its many things in Biology which I cannot study in Russia because we don't have good equipment as in Korea, and we cannot do this researches because we have different education systems and i have this opportunity to become a great scientist only in Korea.

Please give me this opportunity, dear commission. sincerely your Alina Karpova
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,686 4759  
Jan 12, 2020   #2
Since this is a masters degree application, you can skip the family background since that is not required for masters course applicants. Your relationship with Korea in terms of being a foreign student who enrolled in their university will be helpful to your application. Proof of your proficiency in Hangul will also help so don't forget to attach that with your documents. A TOPIK certification will be highly advantageous to your application. What you can do in this essay is show how your career track has diversified from Psychology into Biology. You have to explain how your passion developed and the reasons why you believe that this career change will be good for you both personally and professionally.

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