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Study in UK academic or professional experience and your plans for the future

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Sep 16, 2018   #1
Outline why you have selected your chosen three university courses, and explain how this relates to your previous academic or professional experience and your plans for the future.


the need of energy

Well, I am working as electrical engineer for more than three years now, I have been executing many projects of electrical installation works which includes renewable energy systems, I work on Solar Voltaic (SPV), Solar thermal and I am looking to expand on other sources such as bio mass, wind and waves.

As we know climatic change is the world's agenda, carbon emission has become a threat to human life and the environment we are surrounded with. Therefore engineers and scientists have been working in different technologies to discourage the use of fossil fuels and encourage clean fuels.

I am much desired to pursue my career in ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING AND RENEWABLE ENERGY because I have strong background in electrical engineering subjects as stipulated from my CV; I enjoy working on renewable energy system because Tanzania is the one among of tropical countries which is blessed with many renewable sources such as solar, wind, waves and others.

For example Tanzania receives 4-7kWh/m2 of solar radiation daily according to SOLARIS, which is good solar resource, for all time I worked in this area I observed that Tanzania has lack of energy ready to use not because of lack of energy resources but lack of expertise and awareness. Only 20% of Tanzania has access to national power grid, this make the rest engage in primitive energy production. There are so many villages, public hospitals and schools don't have access, I designed many standalone Solar Systems that are being used in those remote areas. As a young engineer and government employee I think I have a better position to change people's life by my expertise and knowledge I will gain from UK.

As I know selected universities have competent reputation, expertise and good studying environment, I am looking for a place where I can be exposed to advanced knowledge and skills on both engineering and renewable energy systems thus I believe chosen universities fulfil my requirements.

I want to invest myself more on renewable energy because there is the need of energy and the projects are feasible, in my future I am looking to be a leader or influencer in energy industry as I can produce technical expertise in the country and internationally.
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Sep 17, 2018   #2
Aju, this is a Chevening study plan essay. This essay in its totality is not applicable because you are not responding properly to the prompt requirement. The requirement is that you discuss 3 university courses along with 3 university choices or 3 course choices at 2 universities or 3 courses at a single university. You have to present the university choices because Chevening needs to double check and make sure that the universities you have chosen to study at are Chevening accredited. It isn't just a matter of course choices, everything needs to match for consideration. That is regardless of whether you already have acceptance to a university or not.

Your university course needs to correspond with your academic and professional experience. You have to explain how the course can help you improve your work skills or prepare you for a potential shift in your work responsibilities. Other successful applicants referred to how the course can help them train for their target work promotions or spin off careers. Your essay doesn't do that at all. Read the sample essays here if you are confused about how to properly respond to a Chevening essay prompt. Those will be most helpful to you. I am sure of it.

Also, the tone of your essay sounds like you are addressing a fellow worker instead of a respected interviewer. You may want to use a less casual and more formal tone in your writing. This sounds like you are writing a college application essay instead of addressing an esteemed educator who is considering you for a sponsorship.

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