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Studying in the UK Essay: Why these Schools Resonate so Deeply with my Future Aspirations

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Oct 28, 2019   #1
Outline why you have selected your chosen three university courses, and explain how this relates to your previous academic or professional experience and your plans for the future.

Xxxrians are some of the most distinguished personalities across the globe, within the realm of business we are renowned for our entrepreneurial spirit, we boasts some of the continent's largest corporations and most of her wealthiest citizens. Unfortunately poor policy planning and implementation has caused the disappearance of xxxria's middle class, the driving force of any emerging economy. According to the 20xx report by world poverty clock, xxxria has overtaken xxx to become the poverty capital of the world with an 86 million people living in extreme poverty. This number is only expected to rise.

I believe the solution lies in stimulating business activity that will generate income for millions of households and restore the middle class. This has motivated me to pursue a Masters in Business Administration to gain knowledge and skills of all forms and aspects of business management. Coming from a background in Advertising and Public relations, an MBA will give me a wholistic perspective towards business development.

The MBA offered at the University Business School is my first choice. The Business School belongs to an elite group of Business Schools worldwide that hold triple accreditation from the three internationally recognized accreditation bodies. Their teaching was awarded the highest possible award - The Gold Award - in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). Their MBA is well recognized for its dynamic approach to leadership development, this perfectly fits into my future goals of grooming leaders back home in xxxria. I am most excited to take the Business in action module will teach me how to problem solve within an organizational setting on a case by case basis.

My second preferred course is the University of MBA. This Business School has a double accreditation and is recognized by the Chartered Management Institute. The class size is uniquely intimate which means greater interactions in classes between students and staff. I am confident that their world class teaching staff such as Dr. Godfred Afrifa will teach me more about what strategies SME's use to access capital. What has me most excited about this school is Business Start Up Week, an opportunity to pitch real ideas to established entrepreneurs.

My third choice is MSc Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship at School. Business School has broken into the top 30 business schools in the UK according to the 2019 rankings on QS Global. This course will allow me to delve deeper Into innovation in the corporate world using lean and start up techniques. The course also offers an opportunity to learn a foreign language, an important skill especially in our increasingly globalized world. I was however most intrigued to learn Innovation and Entrepreneurship students won the Best Business Pitch at the Young Enterprise Final 2018.

Overall studying in the UK will provide an opportunity to observe first hand the processes that go into creating world class businesses. I need to obtain an intricate level of expertise to allow me share my combined experience and knowledge with other future leaders within my community.

Maria - / 1,100 389  
Oct 30, 2019   #2
Hi there! Thanks for coming back to the forum. Hopefully, my feedback will give you insight on how improve your essay writing. If you find any of this to be helpful, don't hesitate to approach again!

Firstly, I really do like the way that you introduced your essay. Because you were able to introduce a core value that you wanted to showcase your dedication it, it definitely strengthens and ties everything together. I think that what is primarily missing from your text is the fact that you were unable to tie your paragraphs to these values. After giving a briefing of each university and course, try to always insert a small explanation that will expound on this thought.

Furthermore, the last conclusive paragraph can still be improved if you were more specific and targeted with your goals. Remember that having a word count should allow you to be more focused on prioritizing details more than anything else.

Best of luck.

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