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Build a career in business, humanitarian work, activism and diplomacy; why those chosen courses

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Oct 5, 2017   #1
Outline why you have selected your chosen university courses and explain how this relates to your previous academic or professional experience and your future plans for the future.

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I grew up loving and giving freely because I was surrounded by people who were doing same. Living in a house of over twenty people who loved and did their best to support each other as if they were blood related awakened me to caring about the under privileged. I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth but I always thought of how to help the world and make it a better place to live in, not only for my relations but for the world at large. I have a passion and the passion is to help people in any way possible. I was therefore not surprised when my cousin and I formed a small Non-Governmental Agency which visited some of the orphanages in my country to help better their lives. I have done a number of humanitarian activities which includes volunteer works as well.

I studied business during my undergraduate because I had dreams of building a Human Resource and Consulting firm that will give employment opportunities to the unemployed by liaising with other companies. However upon graduating from the university and after a deep introspection, I realized I was more interested in activism and humanitarian works and that was how my love for the study of International relations developed. I researched on it more, read auto biography of people who are also doing humanitarian works especially people in the United Nations and other known Non-governmental agencies and also spoke to a couple of people. After a thorough analysis from what I had gathered I knew I was on the right path and studying International Relations would be a great start for me. Moreover I believe passion without education is shallow and baseless. That is why International Relations runs through all the three Universities I have chosen. Nevertheless the dream of building the Human Resource and Consulting firm will be worked on alongside my humanitarian work because it all boils down to helping people. I believe studying International Relations will equip me with skills to be able to conduct interdisciplinary research and also understand and analyse how policies are implemented and their outcomes in diverse institutional, economic and political contexts pertaining mostly to developing countries. It will also enlighten me more about human rights and politics, diplomatic law and practice, war, memory and popular culture, approaches to dialogue and how to work hand in hand with the authorities in helping sustain lives not forgetting equality, discrimination and minorities.

I am an enthusiastic person and very passionate at anything I find myself doing. I easily adapt to changes and also able to grasp new concepts quickly. Hence graduating with a degree in International relations will enable me use my expertise to build a career in business, humanitarian work, activism and diplomacy. It will also help me achieve my aim of working with the Department for International Development (DFID) in my country and my future goal of working with the United Nations.

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Oct 5, 2017   #2
Jennifer, this is not the way that this prompt is to be responded to. The three university courses that you chose must be discussed individually. Each of the courses must be given its own paragraph that indicates your related academic training, professional connection, and future plans in relation to the course. This is not a poetic essay discussing your personality or academic achievements.

It seems to me that you do not know how to start responding to this essay properly. There are numerous examples of properly written response essays in this forum. All you have to do is read the samples and then revise your essay accordingly. It isn't difficult to do. You just need to use the following format:

1. A summary of your academic background along with a summary of your professional background to the present date.
2. Course 1 - University name - reason why you chose the course - professional experience connection - why this course can help you in your future career.

Repeat number 2 an additional 2 times. One for each university. Then write a closing paragraph that discusses a summary of your future plans. Details of which should be found in your Post Study Plans essay.

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