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Three study course in UK for renewable energy - CHEVENING

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Oct 12, 2021   #1

ocean-atmospheric dynamics effect on Tidal energy

The Paris Agreement that has been in agreement since 2015 discusses how the world can reduce the impact of climate change and aims to reach global peaking of greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible. The ultimate goal of this treaty is to achieve a climate-neutral world by mid-century. One way to reach the global peaking of greenhouse gas emissions is to use renewable energy from previously dependent on fossil fuel energy to replace it with other renewable resources. In light of this situation, to my judgement, the ocean is one of the sources of renewable energy that we can apply in archipelago countries such as Indonesia. I graduated from majoring in Oceanography, and my focus was Ocean-Atmosphere Dynamics and Ocean Energy, so with this strong background, for my Master degree, I decided to focus deeper on marine renewable energy and climate change in the ocean.

The first course I would take is Energy and Sustainability: Energy, Resources and Climate Change from the University of Southampton since one of the cases studies are about marine current turbine and wave device technologies. This course will also expose me to prevailing climate change science predictions and the potential impacts on energy demand and supply systems. Given that, my experience in analyzing the ocean-atmosphere and ocean energy will make me know deeper about how the climate is worsening and the effect on the ocean as one of the renewable energy resources. It also allows me to make tidal energy or wave energy prototypes that can be implied in Indonesia later, so I picked this course as my top priority given the outcomes that I could perceive.

My second choice is Marine Renewable Energy from Bangor University. Professor Simon Neill, one of the professors from Bangor University, is an expert at Tidal energy. I can learn further about how tidal can produce electricity that can be the resource of renewable energy and comprehend its impact on the environment. The syllabuses for this course are so appealing since we will focus on tidal energy from scratch with the expert. By studying this course, I can imply the installation of tidal generators in Indonesia for long term goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

I decided to pick Offshore Renewable Energy from the University of Plymouth as my third option in the UK. One of the fascinating things that I could get from studying this course is, it has observational methods for forcing mechanisms such as waves, tidal currents and tidal elevation. Besides, the mitigation and management impact of the energy installation is also on the list of the modules. It will also expand my knowledge of tidal energy by reviewing other countries that already used this method.

By focusing on marine renewable energy and current climate change consideration, I can use my knowledge of ocean-atmospheric dynamics effect on Tidal energy. For long-term goals, I plan to innovate the use of tidal energy for Indonesia's regions where it is possible to install tidal turbines.
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Oct 12, 2021   #2
Techmcally, you donot have a strong background, you only have A BACKGROUND. The strong background can only He proven by your grades asan undergraduate in courses relevant to you chosen masters course. There are always 2 evidences that need to be presented in each course, the academic and professional experiences and learning that have prepared you to attend and successfully complete there courses. Any evidences in reference to these cannot be read about in your explanations. Future applications aside, the explanations all lack substance in relation to the required justifications. The reviewer will appreciate being informed about these to help him fully consider the relevance your response to your application.

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