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Time-management skills and love for sharing things - Global UGRAD Program? (400-600 words)

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Dec 25, 2016   #1
Why would you be a great participant in the Global UGRAD Program? (400-600 words)

my two characters

Global Undergraduate Exchange Program (as known as Global UGRAD) is a program providing one semester scholarships to outstanding undergraduate students to study abroad. Accordingly, it is highly competitive. As a participant in this program, I consider time-management skills and love for sharing things with people as two outstanding qualities which make me a great participant.

Regarding time-management skills, I often apply it to organize many things in order not to let the grass under my feet, which prevents me from missing the deadline and lets me complete them on time with high productivity. At the first semester of the second year, my teachers asked us to do a lot of tasks in which we were supposed to do a lot of writing assignments weekly, and do 2 projects - writing 20 essays and creating our own websites called wordpress to reflect various aspects of ourselves. Simultaneously, I joined in a great event named IFD (International Friendship Day) as an organizer, in which I was assigned to list and put the participants in groups, call them to attend the meeting, go to the airport to welcome the famous oschestra, etc. Facing many things to deal with, I organized everything in order of priority and made preparation for each of them and did gradually. Thanks to this, I could submit the assignments by the deadline and completed all the IFD tasks with great productivity and efficiency, especially, less stress than other friends. With this quality, I think I could deal with difficulties studying in U.S in which I organize time for tasks, writing, reading books and other activities, and complete them effectively and efficiently.

Considering sharing, I often share good things to people which may be considered as a culture ambassador. Specifically, having gone to the supermarket, I introduce products of promotion program to my friends as well as older people. Additionally, I also share with my friends interesting events or programs, in which they can widen knowledge as well as gain new soft skills which support them in study and in life. Attending events watching people sharing their knowledge, experience, difficulties, advantages, challenges in studying abroad, and how they integrate what they learnt into study and life in their own country motivates me to hope to have opportunity to study abroad, for I may broaden horizon by witnessing things, not just hearing from other people. Therefore, coming the United States which is considered as "melting pot" of cultures which derives from all over the world, besides experiencing U.S education, not only do I have a chance to access to values, ethnic minority, diversity cultures from the USA and internation friends, and learn unique things from them, but I also introduce Vietnamese cultures like food, way of life, traditions to students and people I meet. This increases mutual understanding between the countries and awareness of differences of cultures between countries. Moreover, on returning home, I could what I learnt during studying broad to my friends, family and other people so that they have global view.

In conclusion, being an applicant in Global UGRAD, I choose two my characters - time-management skills and sharing - to become a great participant in the program because they will assist me a lot in studying abroad and widening the knowledge about diverisity cultures, education when meeting a lot of friends from many places all over the world.
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Dec 25, 2016   #2
Tran, in my opinion, there are 2 aspects of this essay that can be sacrificed in the name of editing and quick information access for the reviewer. The first deletion, can be applied to the current opening statement which is nothing more than just an introduction of what the Global UGRAD program is all about. There is no need to lecture the reviewer or present this information to him because he of all people already knows the program, its definition, expectations, and other specific information far better than any applicant can ever inform him about. Rather than introducing the program to him, you can instead, better present yourself as an applicant to the program by expanding on the importance of time management and sharing when considering an applicant. That way, you can justify your application based upon some pretty unique qualifications for the program, which makes your application more memorable than the others.

The conclusion can also be deleted and replaced with a stronger, more effective closing statement. The one that you have right now is too short and doesn't really justify how you hope to benefit from the program. Those are better discussed in the previous paragraph. So I am thinking that maybe, just maybe, this is one essay that can be more effective if there isn't any clear closing paragraph for your discussion. I'd like to give it a try and see where it goes.
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Dec 26, 2016   #3
Thank you very much. I'd really appreciated about your ideas helping my essay be better. I'll review and make it better. Thank you.

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