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"I'll use every split second to improve myself" - Erasmus Mundus Joint Master's Program application

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Jan 29, 2020   #1

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master's Program

Hii... Please help me with my cover letter for Erasmus scholarship... Thank you in advance...

I am writing to express my enormous ambition to apply for Erasmus Mundus Joint Master's Degree in 'Technology for Translation and Interpreting' to be started on 21 September, 2020. Having the passion to languages, the 4-years experience in teaching English, excellent GPA as well as proficient knowledge of Uzbek, Russian, Turkish and English languages, make me to believe strongly that I could be one of the real candidates for the scholarship of the most prestigious programs.

Although I am graduating 'Andijan State University', which is not very famous in the world, I am convinced that this is the place where everyone can benefit a lot studying here.

During my study years I have been trying to get as much profits as I can from lectures and seminars, teachers and groupmates. As I was chosen as a captain for our group at the beginning of the 1st course

my leadership skills and ability to work as a team have been tremendously developed. Besides that I have won the award 'The Best Volunteer' of our University several times for my contribution to Volunteering System by volunteering as a guide for tourists in summer. With being very active in organisational sides I have never forgotten about the study, which is proven by my academic achievements, especially high rate of GPA 3.5.

Also, in harmony with my 'student life' I have been teaching English and Russian for 4 years as a part time. This is namely because I have an infinite love for languages. I have been always wondering why there is no any word to call 'back side of knee' or why in the era of technology we still face problems with translation of complicated sentences online. All these facts assembled and generated initiative inside me to continue my study more deeper namely in the area of translation. Therefore after searching and analyzing all Master Degrees suitable for me, I came to conclude that the only Program created 'for me' is here and there are several reasons of my choice:

1. Variety in education.

The University of Wolverhampton, New Bulgarian University and Universidad de Málaga...I am very curious to know all about the life, food and customs of other cultures. Sudying in 3 different Universities and in 3 different countries will amazingly boost general knowledge about European culture and give great chances to make new friends.

2. Language environment.

Personally for me translators do not translate from language to language but from culture to culture. What I mean by this is that in order to translate effectively translators should not translate word by word but logically depending on the context. So, the best way to feel this context is living in language environment.

3. Relevant scholarship.

It is an amazing, fascinating and super opportunity for everyone to focus only on study. Especially those who has financial problems like me, will not worry about how to provide themselves during the study years, and study hardly for the sake of human-being.

Thus, if you find me as a suitable candidate for the scholarship I would really appreciate it and use every split second to improve myself. So, after coming back home I would be so happy to contribute to the improvement of education system of Translations and Interpreting, which is not very developed in my country at the moment.

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Jan 29, 2020   #2
You seem to be trying to cover all of the other required essays for the scholarship in your cover letter. Do not do that. Use the cover letter for its required purpose, to introduce you and your academic goals to the reviewer. Do not use the self-pity factor in reference to your university studies. That will not work. Just focus on explaining who you are, where your academic ambitions lie, and how you came to choose this scholarship to assist you in achieving your future goals in life. Keep it short, informative, and less than 500 words. Highlight the following from your current essay:

1. 4-years experience in teaching English and its relevance to the course you have chosen to study.
2. I have been always wondering ... translation of complicated sentences online. * This is your motivation for your studies. Expand on this discussion in one paragraph, no more than 5 sentences. Keep it short.

3. Discuss how the scholarship can help you with your future career goals. Summary form. Why did you choose this scholarship? Why this university and course?

The cover letter should not have more than 5 paragraphs, properly developed and presented as a summary of the above guidelines. These are the best suggestions that I can come up with for you at this point because your letter lacks information that would have been helpful in reviewing it. Information such as what university you hope to attend, what course, your current employment and why your masters course can help you advance your career. These are information that should be in the letter in a short form.
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Jan 29, 2020   #3
Having the passion to languages
A particular advice I have heard a lot when it comes to write personal statement/cover letter is do not use the word "passion." It doesn't add any value to convince the reader that you are truly dedicated to the subject. Expand on particular experience or accomplishment to show that you are knowledgeable and skillful in what you're doing instead.

Highlight links of your previous education/experience to the curriculum of the programme. I haven't seen any indication in your letter that indicates you're knowledgeable of what you will study in the programme. You're applying for "Technology for Translation and Interpreting" programme: what kind of technology do you expect to learn there? What field of subject excites you the most? The reasons why you choose the program aren't strong enough. Don't explain why a programme is good for you, but explain why you are a good candidate for it and why it will help you with your future career plans.

There are many sentences in your letter that aren't personal such as "I am very curious to know all about the life, food ...", "Thus, if you find me as a suitable candidate for ..." these are words applicable to every other candidate applying to the same program as you. So, I'd advise to pick 1-2 past experiences or accomplishments that you're truly proud of and link it to the major then your professional aspirations.

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