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You wrote a 200 page autobiography, send us page 165.

will 1 / 1  
Feb 3, 2014   #1
I'm working on UCLAs alumni scholarship (due by may 4, 2014) and have to write a short autobiography about a life I did not live yet. I need some help and ideas, also is it ok to reflect back on my younger years assuming I'm older on page 165 to making a understanding on what I'm trying to say?

Life is built on many obstacles, trials and errors. As I went through life, I faced many obstacles. Those obstacles are what made me who I am to this day. I dealt with many mind boggling struggles my whole life. I constantly doubted myself though my whole but there came a point when I told myself, "I can never call it quits." I worked very hard to get to where I'm at today and with that push I receive an award for my academic achievement for being a Latino when I graduated from community college back in 2013. Today as I work on filmmaking, I reflect on those struggling times to remember who I was and to keep pushing myself everyday. I still remember the time when I was approached by a friend in the halls of our performing art center in college, was asked to take on the lead role. Taking that role really made me think about what I wanted to do with my life and now I'm living the life I was wanted. Being an academy award winner for feature films, writing, and cinematography is truly amazing, but I would not be where I'm at today if weren't for my wonderful wife and kids. At one time I did not want have any kids, I thought they were annoying and gross but the more I saw kids and how smart they are, I knew I had to start a family. I completed my dream in becoming an award winning filmmaker, and now I want to start a new chapter in life. I put my career on hold for a short time so that I can start a new life with kids.
cshcara 2 / 4  
Feb 3, 2014   #2
I suggest you dig into details of some of the obstacles and what you learned. For instance, bias, violence, arrogant could be the cause of some failure, and how you struggle to survive, share, justice maybe the reason that save your out. As a film maker, you may have a deeper insight of the place you live than the normal people. I.e., if you live in a metropolis, your life will be affacted by the lives around you unless you leave there. There are alway two factors determines one's life, individual and its surroundings. In my view, few people could get over their surroundings and there are always comes with interesting stories and unique talents or personality.
OP will 1 / 1  
Feb 3, 2014   #3
Thank you for the help. I'll explain the obstacles I faced.

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