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SPEECH CONTEST "Seeing is not believing"

YE ZI 1 / -  
Oct 24, 2014   #1
I'm going to attend a speech competition the day after tomorrow, but i don't know how to write the topic of it.
vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Oct 25, 2014   #2
Ye, this is a very interesting topic that you can write about. For your speech, I suggest that you do research on Youtube and look up photoshopped pictures that have been used to propagate false stories as a reality. Use those as examples of how we now live in a world where we cannot believe everything that we see unless we can touch and feel it because technology has helped us create a world where seeing does not necessarily equate into believing what we see. Explain the difference that technology has made in the way that people view videos and pictures that they come across in daily life and how people have become more cynical about the world in general because they now look upon everything with a tinge of being questionable. They now require more than just picture or video evidence of anything before they believe it is real.

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