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'Composing mail' - written skill problem

Sep 6, 2012   #1
I am facing problem in written skill. please suggest how should I improve it. When i wrote any mail to my boss then i'm always confuse & take more time to compose mail.

Hello. We can help you edit anything you have written, even if it is something small or short. Please post anything you need corrected or reread, there are many people here who love to help :)
Sep 14, 2012   #7
Post what you are going to say to your boss, and we'll give you feedback and correct things if neseccary.
from your post , it seems you are having difficulty with grammar . You need to improve grammar before you can properly write something formal like email to your boss etc.
You do not need to worry about the writing anymore. There are many online writing checkers nowadays that spelling and grammar are not the mistakes anymore. Try to google for it and at least minor mistakes will be avoided

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