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AP English Exam - test when you get a score of 1-5?

wallflower71327 3 / 7  
Nov 4, 2009   #1
I take AP English and I know that there is a test you have to take at the end of teh year were you geta score of 1-5. Has anyone taken it? How was it? What'd you get?
Notoman 20 / 419  
Nov 4, 2009   #2
I am not taking AP English this year, but I plan on taking the test. That plan has worked out for me pretty well in the past.

I bought an AP study guide to help prepare. I haven't taken the test yet, so I don't know how useful it is. The study guides use questions from previous years though so I imagine that they would give you a pretty good idea of what to expect. Head to your library and check out a couple of study guides from different publishers to see which one you like the best.
st21 3 / 10  
Nov 11, 2009   #3
Which AP English are you in? Lit/comp or lang/comp?

I took the lang/comp last year, the muliple choice with the reading prompt were brutal, the essays were alright, there is a synthesis essay, kind of like DBQ's from the APUSH exams. The lit/comp exam I'm not sure about, I'm taking that one in June.
hotsaucegrl 6 / 15  
Nov 12, 2009   #4
I took ap english lang / comp last year
and it was fairly alright, a lot of reading of course , i think the multiple choice questions
were hard for me but my essays were pretty okay.

practice throughout the year on developing your writing skills especially for this test;
andd i think for the multiple choice questions, its just best to go through past exams and practice with those. really know your rhetorical strategies!
neil098 3 / 8  
Nov 12, 2009   #5
I took English Language last year. You have to now how to analyze and annotate information. Also, make sure you know lots of literary terms; you should also heighten your vocabulary skills.
jindu85 6 / 20  
Nov 14, 2009   #6
What are some of the difference between lit/lan?

How difficult is it compared to CR section in SAT, or Literature in SAT2?
Awesomeness 4 / 8  
Nov 15, 2009   #7
I've taken it, and although I suck at English I got a 4
abbaasmalik 2 / 3  
Nov 21, 2009   #8
I took the AP English Language and Composition test as junior and received a 3. The test is composed of multiple choice and writing. Honestly, if you are a good writer you should take this class. But, otherwise don't waste your time in this class because writing is very important.
neil098 3 / 8  
Nov 26, 2009   #9
Oh, I had a 3 on the English Language exam.
pacers7ind 11 / 25 2  
Dec 10, 2009   #10
I got a 5 :D!

But I studied a lot!

be prepared to write a lot!
Keng 39 / 134  
Dec 17, 2009   #11
I really do not know a lot about the AP English exam. For me, If i simultaneously learn four English skills, i think i am a bit accustomed to the exam.
gorush 4 / 13  
Dec 18, 2009   #12
I am taking AP class in the school, and took test last year.
This test is toughest exam ever to get higher score.
Actually, I got a 2 from this test. It is overloaded work to me, because I am an international student.
But, If you think that you like English subject or get a good grade in your AP class, you will be fine to get a good grade : )

Cheer up!
viettran92 4 / 8  
Dec 18, 2009   #13
AP Tests requires preparation and time, although i only spent a moth studying my History one, but i still advise you to read prep books several months in advance.
timeturner36 8 / 26  
Dec 20, 2009   #14
The AP Composition one was really easy, Ithink most people in my class got 5's. You just have to practice writing...a lot

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