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English writer books recommendation for language learning

Dec 19, 2011   #1
I've been learning English for several years but still I cannot get rid of the influence of my mother language.
So someone suggested that I should focus on a certain writer's books and read intensively and then try to imitate his/her language.
Could you please recommend some English writers to me whose use of language is good for language learning (not too classic or too crazy)?

(For your reference, I got 110 for Internet based TOEFL test and I read English magazines but not books.)

(btw it's the first time for me to post here and I really hope you guys can help. Lots of thanks!)

Dec 19, 2011   #2
I'm not sure about magazines but I think that books would be a better way to improve. I recommend Enid Blyton. She's a good writer and her books are interesting but not too complex so they can be a good way to learn more about the language.

With more reading you should be able to score higher when and if you resit the TOEFL.

You're Welcome!
Dec 19, 2011   #3

Thanks very much!
However, I did a little research and found out Enid Blyton's audience are mainly children. I'm afraid that books for adults will be better given that I am a grown-up now. I've been reading Peter Hessler's River Town recently and I like these kinds of books of insights and subtleties.

Thanks again!
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Jan 24, 2012   #4
still I cannot get rid of the influence of my mother language.

That does not sound like a worthwhile goal. :-)
In this modern world, all English is influenced by our unique cultures. It's better to let your English be unique.

However, I recommend Stephen King and Ernest Hemingway.. because they both have a simple, powerful style. I do not recommend a simple style because of some idea that you cannot handle complexity. I recommend it because simplicity is power in communication. When people write formal pieces or when they are practicing English they too often make language unnecessarily complex. They think complexity is impressive, but it's not. It is impressive to be able to understand complex pieces of writing, but when you write it should be straightforward and simple.

Thanks for practicing with us here. :-)
Jan 29, 2012   #5

Thanks a lot for your advice.
Maybe I had some problem with the wording here but actually I love my mother language which is Chinese. I just want to avoid misuse of words, phrases etc. and use English as a native speaker does.

I do agree with you that simplicity is power and I cannot wait to try some of those two writers' books.

BTW Happy Chinese New Year! Thanks for helping out!
English Books Betrayal and The Spy Who Came in From The Cold


In this school year we have read the two books Betrayal (written by Harold Pinter) and The Spy Who Came in From The Cold (written by John Le Carre). For our exam we have to find out the different acts of betrayal that occurred in both these two books and compare them. The comparing parts is not that difficult but I want to make sure that I know of every act of betrayal that has happend in these two books.

If someone could point out the most important acts of betrayal in one or both these of books than that would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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