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The Foreign Language Learner's Issues in Writing

Hello everyone! I'd like to ask you about the challenges in writing around the foreign language learners. What kind of problems do you have and how you solve it? Your answer will help me obtaining sufficient data to my mini-research.

Akbar, this is an interesting topic to be discussed here. I do hope that other members, especially foreign language learners can actively participate in this forum category, particularly in this thread. Therefore, I encourage anyone who read this, you are suggested to read and answer these questions. Your answers will be valuable not only for the researcher, but also all of us here. It is possible for you to get an inspiration by seeing someone's way to overcome his or her problems in writing.

With regards to my own obstacles in writing, I reckon that it is definitely grammatical accuracy. This is the most terrifying issue for a foreign language learner like me. In 2 or 3 years ago, I was afraid to write anything in English. I felt that my ability is a shame compared to others, especially my classmates in university. Therefore, I did some practices by reading some English articles and grammar book. The book that I used at that time was Betty Azar's book, Understanding English Grammar (the blue one). By consistently doing those efforts, I was able to earn a satisfying mark in writing within a semester.
Thanks for the insights Iksan. I am still struggling to improve my English better, I wish that through this community, I can gradually develop my English, especially in writing.

Anyway, is the term "grammatical accuracy" refers to a condition when people (nonnative to English) successfully speak or write, for example in English, without the influence of their native language comprehension?
Nope, it wasn't like that Akbar. Even native speakers themselves have this kind of difficulty sometimes. For instance, somehow they tend to violate the grammar itself, which also the same as Indonesian native speaker speaks or writes informally. Therefore, it is about how accurate the grammar that people use, e.g. punctuation, subject-verb agreement, plural-singular, and many others grammatical aspects.
Akbar, what I understood while learning foreign language and especially in writing task "grammatical accuracy" is important, to improve that reading as much as you can and while reading you have to actually feel where is the grammar; it will help you.

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