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Predictable topics for Toefl Essays?

Feb 26, 2011   #1
Hi every body
Could any one can tell me how can I get predictable essays topics in next TOEFL exam(IBT).
and how they choose their topics.
Thank U
Feb 27, 2011   #2
You can't predicate the essay topics that will be given this year, but there is usually a set of general topics that have a potential to be on the exam. check these two site :


I'm not sure how they chose their topics but all I could say is that they usually stick with general (more personal topics).
Hopefully that answers your question
Good luck,
OP sumu  
Feb 27, 2011   #3
Thank u very much
I know it's difficult to recognize what the topic will be exactly, but at least some people can predict what may be come by following every exam topics

Thanks again
Jan 20, 2012   #4
I think that opposed ideas frequently appear on toefl integrated writing and asking for agree or disagree in independent one.
Dec 23, 2016   #5
I can't predict the essay topics.you can refer to good luck toefl website for more about topics.

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