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Advertising is the ability to sense, interpret - my addmission essay

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Mar 22, 2008   #1
"Advertising is the ability to sense, interpret . . . to put the very heart throbs of a business into type, paper and ink."
-Leo Burnett, The Leo Burnett Company, Chicago

My senior year of high school I attended vocational school at Oakland Technical Center with a focus in Visual Communication. This is where I made the first piece of artwork I have ever fallen in love with, that made my heart throb. A poster for the North American International Auto Show. I can still remember the feeling that came over me when I looked at it, the warm and fuzzy glow inside when you've just completed something great. It is this feeling that drives me every time I design a piece of artwork. To this day, that poster hangs in the living room of my apartment, serving as motivation.

In brief, the majority of my schooling has been devoted to design, in one form or another. Since 2005 I have attended Schoolcraft College, majoring in graphic design, with a focus in publishing. From there I have learned how to improve my craft, manage my time, and work towards the needs of clients. I believe attending SCAD will only heighten these skills. I am thirsty for more knowledge about the field of advertising and working with clientele, and I'm positive a degree in Advertising Design is the best that can be offered. I'm eager to experience the rich culture, and vast learning setting at SCAD. After my visit to the campus and facilities at SCAD, my desire to attend this school and its absorb its environment has become even stronger. It is the perfect environment to take my passion for graphics arts to the next level, and complete my career goals.

I have many ambitions I plan to fulfill, both academically and professionally. During the first semester of my final year attending Schoolcraft, I was assigned a thematic series project for my final in Photoshop 2 class. About this time I also stumbled across the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty, which inspired me to make it the focus for that very final project. During the initial brainstorming for this project, all I could ask myself was "what is beautiful?" I thought about happiness. I thought about the colors of the leaves on the trees in the park behind my apartment when autumn arrives. And then, I thought about what the media says is beautiful, and how we pride ourselves on trying to be what is marketed and advertised to us as "beautiful." And then it hit me... how many others like me feel that everyday, ordinary beauty is often overlooked? Professionals speak about moments in time that they consider defining moments of their career. For me, this project was the start of what I believe to be a series of defining moments in my life.

Since that day, I have made it a personal and professional goal of mine to completely make over the face of beauty in advertising (no pun intended). I want to look at billboards and magazines and see curves, fresh faces, and women of every color, shape, and size. I believe that attending SCAD this fall will provide me the knowledge I need to successfully execute this rather large dream of mine. I want to take the experiences I gain in Savannah with me, and apply these lessons to my everyday life, and one day to a promising career.

I believe the experiences at Savannah College of Art and Design will be an outstanding finish to my college career, as well as the best resource to prepare me for a promising future in the field of advertising. I am eager to expand my knowledge for the industry, and accelerate my success in visual communication. I want to attend Savannah because I know the beautiful cityscapes and rich social culture will constantly rekindle my passion for design, and inspire me to take my pieces to the next level.
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Mar 23, 2008   #2

Your passion really comes through in your writing! Very good! Here are some editing suggestions:

This is where I made the first piece of artwork I have ever fallen in love with, that made my heart throb: a poster for the North American International Auto Show.

my desire to attend this school and absorb its environment has become even stronger.

The only other suggestion I have would be to pump up your ending a little. You have already used the phrase "take it to the next level"; once is enough, if not too much. Avoid cliches whenever possible; unfortunately, that once-useful phrase has become one. You might want to say something like "...and inspire me to take my art into new realms of yet-undiscovered beauty." Play with it a little and see if you can improve on mine. ;-)

Best of luck in your studies!


Sarah, EssayForum.com

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