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My ambition to become a storyteller.

eegii0123 3 / 4  
Dec 10, 2015   #1
Hey there! Thank you for reading my statement. Here's why I chose to become a filmmaker. Every help is appreciated.
I Am a Dreamer
Every day I take the bus home from school. I peek through the frosted window of the crowded bus to see what is going on "out there". One day while I was passing a local cinema, where I watch most movies, I looked at the four posters that were hanging outside of the theater for promotion. I observed them for a while and I noticed something significant which I had never recognized before. Four people with four ambitions. One tries to overthrow the monarchy, one struggles to survive, one learns the power of confronting his fears and another one seeks and fails to win the attention of the little red-haired girl. From then on, I have believed that this is what films are made for. The desires of the characters on screen lend me desire in life.

A great film seizes the viewer's mind and makes one think about it over and over again long after he or she has left the theater. If I want to determine whether a movie was a success or failure, I simply count how many times I have recalled it in my mind. The bigger the film impacts it, the deeper my brain likes to think about it. The cultural blending of filmmakers and viewers means that the world of cinema is more diverse and globalized than ever before. It is true that the number of foreigners on the stage of the Oscars is gradually increasing. It seems like cultures are blending every day. As a Mongolian child who grew up watching incredible adventures like "Lord of the Rings" and the "Dragon Ball-Z" series, I grew up with American films as well as Asian ones. Living in the heart of Eurasia, my knowledge of life is fed up with influences from distinct cultures on two sides: one from Asia where busy people dominate and another one from The West where liberty flourishes. Both these two cultures must have influenced my way of thinking and dreaming because art has the ability to distinctly shape a person.

When it comes to choosing my career, I thought about what is most important to me. I knew that this choice must be made with great deliberation because I will do that work for the rest of my life. Will I enjoy shooting videos? Is it possible to make a living as a film director in my country? Will I regret anything after pursuing a career in film-making? Most importantly, can I still dream? I asked myself all of these questions. Then, I decided to become a storyteller who dreams all day.

Now it's been several years after those inquiries first appeared in my mind, and people respond with sparkling surprise when I tell them I will become a film director. Since no one around me has ever worked in the arts, my dream and I have overcome numerous setbacks from family and friends.

With an excellent education, I picture myself becoming an astonishing film director who creates films which engage the viewer's mind and intellect. With precise execution, my films will tell stories that will make the audience see life in a positive way, and inspire them to follow their dreams.
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Dec 10, 2015   #2
This is really great! The description of why you'd like to become a filmmaker is very descriptive, but sometimes a strength can overshadow everything else. My one critique would be to read through this a couple of times and take out anything that might be too descriptive.

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