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Why I want to become an anesthesiologist assistant

microwavedchild 1 / -  
Oct 6, 2023   #1
HIIIII I SUCK AT WRITING. I am currently preparing for college applications so here is my essay. Not sure if i put this in the right forum sorryyyy T_T

Why I want to become an anesthesiologist assistant?

Wanting to be an AA (Anesthesiologist Assistant) has not been my career goal until recently. Growing up in an Asian household, my mother always deemed only a few jobs worthy. Becoming a doctor, engineer, and lawyer were always talked about. I myself have only seen myself becoming a doctor, nothing else has called out to me like it has. All of high school, I have made myself be on top of everything, joining clubs, doing out-of-school programs, and always taking the most advanced of classes. Anything to make myself stand out on my college application.

Talking to my doctors during my check up helped me get a sense of what being a doctor is like. I loved hearing their stories and became even more passionate about wanting to become a doctor to help people. A while back, one of them asked me what kind of doctor I wanted to be. I fumbled over my response. I had not quite thought that far. Knowing I wanted to work in the healthcare field seemed to be enough, I never actually thought of a specific job. So I researched so much that I actually started panicking and losing sleep over it.

It was hard to accept that I centered my whole life around becoming a doctor corrected: and hadn't even considered what kind I wanted to become. I made lists and lists of careers and just when I thought I found the one I wanted to be, there seemed to be another kind that I have not yet considered. I stumbled over anesthesiologist assistants while watching a video about anesthesiologists. I was initially confused as I thought that anesthesiologists did everything themselves. I searched them up and started looking into what kind of work they do. This was when everything started to fall into place for me. I was so fascinated by the type of work they did that I have a notebook dedicated to their job. As much as I loved wanting to help people and the science and math that went into being a doctor, their work hours are tough and not as flexible as being an AA. Anesthesiologist Assistants have flexible hours and still play a big role in helping save people and that is what drew me to them even more.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,941 4806  
Oct 8, 2023   #2
doctors during my check up

Do you have an underlying condition that requires you to have regular check ups? Is this one of the reasons why you want to become an AA? There is actually no basis for your interest in the field of Anesthesia so giving yourself a backstory would definitely help with your application essay. You should be providing information that relate to your chosen career path. You cannot decide on a career based simply on a video that you had watched. You are not ordering from the take out menu of your favorite fast food restaurant. You should be focused more on the backstory in relation to the development of your interest.

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