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'a business-minded family' - entry into Ryerson University : Hospitality Management

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I'm mainly concerned if it is repetitive and verbose and worried that my vocabulary is not advanced enough. I'm pretty good with structure, grammar and spelling. I'm a bit skeptical about my finish, I'm not sure how to start and if my start is strong enough..feel free to make suggestions, honest comments and corrections

Outline the reasons you have decided to apply to the following program as well as details relevant to the review of your application...

I grew up in a business-minded family. For as long as I remember, I have been enthralled by the business world due to my parents being entrepreneurs. They both possess master degrees in the areas of leadership organization and project management and in this aspect, are role models to me. Therefore, I have been taught the values of a good education as a foundation of my bridge to success. I have instilled the importance of education and success in myself by fully appreciating and understanding its significance. My parents involved business in my upbringing in different aspects from young; from watching the stock market to following them around their jobs in awe and observation aspects.

Being at the workplace often has added to my experience the world of business first-hand. They taught me how the business and banks operated, particularly in terms of interpersonal relations. As I grew my duties became more prominent I would help conduct research, organize files, I continuously achieve knowledge regarding formation of a company; which led me to be more passionate about business related topics. During my teen years, as I continued to observe, I have noted that business runs the world in every aspect, socially, politically, ecomically and in terms of technology. This has made me personally strive to work my way and own my own business.

The insights to the business world during my early years gave me an opportunity to project and adopt strong leadership skills. No doubt as I was able to choose curriculum at secondary level I knew I wanted to do business and could not have been happier that I made this choice. Mathematics, Principles of Business and Principles of Accounting turned out to be my favorite subjects, I felt as if they came naturally to me, without much effort I was able to grasp and comprehend topics that gave other students trouble. In assisting others I noticed how much gratitude and pleasure it gave me to help other. It simply put a smile on my face and was not a duty or challenge for me. I continued throughout the two years to gain distinctions in these subjects. Studying and working at these subjects was never a task for me, it was something I did in my spare time and that brought me contentment.

I am interested in the management of an organization, and in so doing hold a special concentration toward business studies. Interrelations has also been a subject that appeals to me. To me Hospitality Management is an interconnected major that combines many of my interests into one. In my view, hospitality has always existed because it carries the core values of human beings. Throughout time, hospitality has played an essential role in our social life. Today hospitality is present everywhere, still keeping its original values, which doesn't allow a specific definition. This implies that it is not something concrete or physical; it is more like a spirit towards people. Hospitality purpose has to do with accommodating and treating people in a way that is the most appropriate to the situation. It is one of the most growing industries and provides the employment of many. It now has attained a much higher status in society and demands high standards of work from its employees. I believe people in hospitality require: an enthusiastic attitude, friendly disposition, neat appearance, a willingness to work, confidence, cleanliness, personal hygiene, adaptability , must be efficient be multi skilled and possess honesty, among other traits. Interpersonal skills are very crucial and basically include the ability to interact with people and using initiative to deal with problems which may arise if the customer is not satisfied. If interpersonal and personal skills are exercised then they will greatly contribute to a happy and successfully working environment. I also believe that managing such an industry requires one to be well-spoken, meticulous, and able to think on her feet. All of which I believe I posses, hospitality management is similar to my experiences of playing hostess. My family always has guests over which raised the standard to a whole new level. From washing dishes, re arranging decorations and furniture, not a single aspect can be left out extra toilet paper, soaps and mints replenished. My grandmother was involved in the catering industry for several years, she ran her own company and even catered for secondary schools, my aunt owned one of the most known restaurants in our area and my mother simply had an noticeable interest in cooking for guests and spending hours of delight in the kitchen Being the only I am familiar to doing the small chores such as chopping, cleaning, placing the table. Until I was old enough to do everything from the preparation, cooking, placing the table, making drinks and desserts to offering the guests extras. I love the sense of accomplishment I gain from conducting all these activities, seeing smiles from guests and receiving compliments on a job well done. This is why I believe this program is suited for me. I believe this program can bring me satisfaction and really make me work hard in the most enjoyable sense. By cooking I attempt to get a feeling of what it is like to work in the hospitality field. Usually I cook for my family, friends and other guests. I create classical dishes with my own personal twist. To me it is always difficult to please everyone, you cannot determine if everyone will find something tasty or not particularly being from an island with various cultures and strong food backgrounds, I try to cook with the opinion of a group of people in mind. Some like more salt, less sweet, very spicy, garlic flavor and so on, I take this into consideration by trying to create an equal balance of flavor that can please all. I have learnt my techniques from programs on television, family, cooking courses and from myself. When I am standing in the kitchen, chopping and simmering, I usually find myself smiling, while others think of it as an obligation or chore it is a pleasure to me When I bring dishes onto the table, the proudest thing is to watch my guests mouth water and receive lavish praises about my cooking, I love receiving and answering questions about what I used and how I did it" look. I want hearty praise from cooking.

I like to deal with and appreciate different kinds of people, and making friends has made my personal life more colorful. By communicating with others, I get to understand their lives and mine, too. In my life I have encountered many difficulties and setbacks, but never have I lost faith in myself. For one thing I am sure: life is full of ebbs and flows, and my confidence is what will get me through it. I will bring freshness to the community being from a different culture and background and because I have distinguished characters combined together to form the person who I have grown to be.

Generally I am referred to by friends and family as an extrovert, socialite, wall flower which is essential in this line of work It demands and requires impeccable patience with people. People-management skills are crucial in maintaining a strict code of conduct in this industry, and I can relate to this field of work as I have been trained everyday to be able to maintain a certain level of discipline. Growing up Trinidad, a unique multi-ethnic country, I have learnt to interact with people of varying races and cultural backgrounds, giving me the necessary experience in dealing with people from all walks of life and has given me an interest in learning other cultures as well as traveling.

I think my observations and strong leadership skills will help me to gain well-established fundamentals and contribute to my success. Ryerson is a step towards accomplishing my goal of becoming an established business woman in the hospitality industry; it is located at the heart of downtown; therefore able to oversee the marketing surroundings.

Finally, I believe Ryerson is the school to pursue my undergraduate studies because Ryerson has distinctive undergraduate programs that educate students' practical for real world that blends theory with real-world experience, and in such a program that is important; and after the graduation, I will be one step closer to success. I look forward to being a positive addition to such a standing institution.

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