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Childlish dreams - mathematics

nschaakk 1 / 1  
Dec 22, 2022   #1

Please describe your dream and the efforts you have made so far to achieve it and your future plan for it.

(within 2000 characters/300words) (Required)
※ Please include your reason(s) for choosing KAIST in order to achieve your dream and the hardships that you expect to encounter in the process.

My dream may seem childish, but it is to make my mother never lack in anything. It is truly my goal. Thoughts about it come to my mind often and about how I can achieve it faster with my maximum potential. I decided that it is to get the best education, come back to my home country, and provide for her everything.

Since elementary school, I have loved mathematics. It has always been interesting to me: solving equations, geometrical problems, and understanding how formulas appear. Along with it, my curiosity about planes and the principle of them flying had been increasing. I loved to watch videos about catastrophes in the air and investigations into the reasons why they happen. As time passed, in high school I had to choose my profession and thought "aerospace engineering" was the best choice for me. It includes every science I'm interested in. In my country, there are only 2 universities with this major, so I'm convinced that if I graduate as an aerospace engineer I will be a demanded specialist.

So far, to achieve my goal I have tried to do the best I could. I won a scholarship in a private school, became the new president of it, volunteered, and developed comprehensively. KAIST is one of the best universities in Asia and I know that I will have to study hard and will be far from home, but I'm eager to study. I'm sure if I graduate from your institute, I will be a prestigious specialist in my area. You may ask, "how is it connected with your dream?". As I wrote earlier, this will help me find a high-salary job, which is my goal in order to achieve it. Also, I'm determined to continue my studying in the master's program in applied mathematics.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 15043 4827  
Dec 22, 2022   #2
The dream presented is not childish. It is a dream that every child who comes from a financially difficult background has for his parents. It is a basic response to the given question. It is not however, the type of response that is used to answer the prompt. The expected response asks the applicant to consider his career goals and what steps he has taken to prepare for its fulfillment.

For example, if you want to become a world class chef in the future and you want to attend Cordon Bleu for a world class cooking education, the school would ask you to prove your interest and skills in cooking. That would mean discussing basic cooking lessons, joining and winning competitions, even apprenticeships at cooking establishments and restaurants. Those would be the explanation related to "efforts you have made to achieve your dream". Do not forget to connect KAIST to the future goals explanation in a manner that shows course and university familiarity.
elanour65 1 / 3 2  
Dec 22, 2022   #3
Please try and modify your goal and align it more towards what you might end up studying at KAIST. Yes, your goal might be the primary source of motivation for all that you set it out to achieve, but this is not what the admission committee is asking. Once you have done that breakdown your primary objective into smaller short term goals. Finally explain the "why" of it all, why would studying aerospace engineering benefit you in achieving your short and long term goals?

Your motivation to study aerospace engineering needs to better motivated than being curious about aircraft catastrophes, that is something everyone would be curious about. You can maybe highlight a specific event or a personal experience that drew you to studying about aerospace. Finally, explain why attending KAIST would be the best option, that is missing entirely from your essay. Explain what are the specifics of the course in KAIST that really differentiates it from the rest. Circle back to your primary purpose again.
OP nschaakk 1 / 1  
Dec 23, 2022   #4
thank you very much

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