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"a cognitive scientist in the area of decision making" - reasons for transfer

kakumeimomoko 1 / -  
Sep 8, 2011   #1
Please provide a statement (250 words minimum) that addresses your reasons for transferring and the objectives you hope to achieve.

My reason for transferring is quite simple and straightforward: I am seeking for the best education chance in my major with the dream to be a cognitive psychologist.

I was initially enrolled as an engineering student during my freshmen academic year in China. Chinese science education is famous for its practical and rigorous calculation; however, it is not always associated with creativity. In my second semester, I began to be interested in Artificial Intelligence, and I even set my schedule for this dream. Nevertheless, I find that the related courses are more linked with the circuit and the chips, rather than how to make the robots think. Engineering courses are interesting, but they might not be what I really want to learn. I am more fascinated by the emotional and cognitive part of AI. Robots are not necessarily to be made exactly the same as human, but we might expect their logic accord with human psychology. Therefore, I transferred to University of Iowa as a psychology majored student. I had a splendid semester in University of Iowa, the lively academic atmosphere and colorful campus culture greatly enriched my daily life. I enjoyed the chance to involve the psychological study and research. Moreover, I really appreciate the spirit of the university: dare to dream big and fight hard for that, which gives me the courage to wave goodbye to my current cozy life and try to fly higher. Iowa actually have great environment of psychology, especially in clinical department. But I want an opportunity to involve in a better cognitive research. So, I want to try to transfer to a university who has the best cognitive department.

My objective is to be a cognitive scientist in the area of decision making, and apply it to the AI research, which makes their decisions more reasonable. It seems the current robot could not really make dependable decision according to the complex situation; they are only following the programs which are inserted in them. So whether they can handle the emergency is still unknown. Del Spooner, a character from the science fiction novel "I, Robot" refused to accept the robot as a usual part of life, because he witnessed how a robot abandoned rescuing a girl only according the low surviving probability which calculated by the robot's program. I was so deeply impressed by this plot. Though it is merely a fiction, the author, Isaac Asimov, did predict something that could happen in the future. Therefore, I really want to do some research in this field.

I feel like I have talked too much about irrelevant things like my engineering experiences or <I,robot>
Do you think it's okay? Thank you very much!

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