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Common App essay. 'Camp Sunshine, a camp for mentally challenged children'

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Nov 7, 2012   #1
Hi, I am senior at a prep school. I have 3.0 gpa and 1820 on the sat. I am not a particularly strong writer so anyones critiques will be appreciated.

Camp Sunshine, a camp for mentally and physically challenged children, was the perfect place for me. The first week of volunteering at Camp Sunshine was very tough, both mentally and physically. Never being in an environment where mentally and physically challenged kids present made me feel at times uncomfortable and awkward. Activities that I found the most challenging were spending time with campers in the pool and monitoring what the campers could and could not eat. Each camper had unique characteristics, so being able to adapt to each camper was essential. I found that the Chemistry I was able to create with each camper was important because the campers would treat me with more respect. The chemistry that I was able to orchestrate was largely due to patience and an inviting tone in I would talk to all of my campers in. The simple adjustment to my interactions with special needs children also made me examine how I could change my sociability in my everyday life. The skills learned from Camp Sunshine helped me improve my communication skills in all aspects of my life, school, sports, and peers. I had become more engaged in the classroom, my chemistry improved with teammates, and became more respected by my peers. With the improvement my communication skills people started to perceive my presence in a new light and start to look to me as someone who could lead. The accountability for taking care of children who were allergic to yeast, had a knack for eating glue, had an urge to grab on to anything in an arms reach or had an underestimated strength was definitely a momentous jump from watching after the neighbors dog. The momentous jump in the change of accountability gave me foresight of what challenges will await me as I mature. The way in which I received lessons from Camp Sunshine has helped me mature in ways no other place could.

Wanting to always do better at Camp has resulted in a growth in my maturity and an appreciation for the gifts that have been given to me. The experiences from Camp Sunshine were a huge wake up call for me; it made me realize how fortunate I was. As a result of my experiences at Camp Sunshine, I believed it as an obligation to help others less fortunate. Reaching out and helping others was another way in which I had built upon my confidence since I began to feel more comfortable in new situations. My participation in the Special Olympics bowling event was another instance how Camp Sunshine has taught me to always reach out and help the community.

short essay:
The blend of what it takes to be a successful athlete in both soccer and tennis has brought me to where I am now. When on the soccer field, I can imagine all of the triumphant times my team and I have had. We encourage each other to always practice hard, we celebrate wins and bear losses. The camaraderie built with my teammates over the last four years has created an everlasting bond both on and off the field. I have carried the same sense of camaraderie and hard work to my fellow doubles partner. Beginning to mature half way through high school, I started to weave my desire for diligence and fellowship by working harder in school and becoming more involved. Camaraderie and hard work has carried me through high school and plan to keep it for the rest my life.

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