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I need to convience VO that I will return back to my country. SOP

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Apr 21, 2018   #1


Respected Visa officer,
I am writing this Statement of Purpose to apply for a student visa for a study in Canada. I have already been accepted in Actuarial Science at York University. Enclosed you will find my letter of acceptance and letter of sponsorship from my aunt pledging to fund the full cost of my education and other expenses.

After successful completion of Matric in 2013, I started my higher secondary education in the field of Pre-Engineering. I did H.S.C from Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan in 2015; which not only give me a certain set of skills but has also helped me understand my fields of interest and my academic strengths and weaknesses.

I am currently doing Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from Usman Institute of Technology affiliated with NED University of Engineering and Technology since September 2015 and have completed the fourth semester with 3.17 CGPA. Being a student from an engineering background, I was able to accomplish all the desired goals and successfully face the hardships of this new technical field with the ongoing immense hard work and dedication to it. Meanwhile, I realized that my stronger area of interest is the statistical and mathematical part in any subject.

In Pakistan, the word is "Actuary" is as uncommon as hailing in Karachi. This field, Actuarial Science, has always fascinated me as Actuaries has always been in the limelight for being the extreme minority in the world and also being the highly valued professionals globally. The people of Pakistan are unaware of this field and they often mistook this as a field which is just confined to insurance. But according to my research and findings, Insurance is a part of Actuarial Science but Actuarial Science is itself a dynamic field which covers almost the professions. An Actuary studies Economics, Finance, Statistics, Math, Research and Data Analysis etc. Those various methods caught my attention as I always enjoy analyzing data and running calculations in software like Met lab, SPSS. The computational methods used in engineering for calculating risk of any project being a hit or a miss is something which requires immense calculation for checking the probability of success of the project. All these have always been my strong area of interest and I want to avail this opportunity of learning more ways of further analyzing, predicting and suggesting probable consequences/outcomes of anything, be it the Policy success, Investment decision, Financial position in coming years or premium calculations. An actuary has the growth opportunity in both Life Contingent and Non life contingent firms therefore; they never fail to make space for them in any Profession. I want to excel in this field and take primary advantage of this international exposure. In my personal opinion, an Actuary plays a key in determining the risk factor in anything. Risk is something which we cannot eliminate from our lives but we, for sure, can minimize its effects through mitigation, control and monitoring or accepting it completely.

I started searching for a university that could provide me with a deeper and an explicit approach to the current major along with Actuarial Science. My search ended at "York University", I applied and fortunately got admission to the undergraduate degree program in Actuarial science with a successful transfer of 45 credits from my previous studies at Usman Institute of Technology. Upon submission of my English proficiency documents from my previous attended school and university, York University decided to exempt me from taking IELTS test.

Canada became a strong choice because of the various features and facilities it provides. The university is highly research-oriented which is quite important for my course of study. Getting an undergraduate qualification would earn me a great deal of International exposure which I can cash while working in my own country or for the matter of fact anywhere around the world. Students from different Countries with varied experience would form a great pool of classroom experience. The university inspires its students to work hard and gives an equal opportunity to come out with flying colors.

Along with this, Canada is a multicultural country which means that during my stay I may face no problem in engaging in activities associated with my culture as well as I can learn about other cultures norms.

World recession has made every industry highly competitive. For a successful future, each individual has to present himself with an uncommon qualification and talent that separates him from the mass. From my point of view, I believe I have that potential that will not only further polish my skills of computational logic, good time management, teamwork, problem-solving, leadership but will also vividly assist me in ascending towards my goal of being an actuary. A combination of these aspects of my course would definitely provide my resume with an edge over my contemporaries back in Pakistan.

After completing my bachelor studies, I have considered financial analyst as my career. I foresee a bright future for me back in Pakistan by joining any of the multinational company or homegrown company and serve with effective tools to attain long-term goal to be the corporate leader; I will explore opportunities relevant to my intended course making me among the best in my country. I also have physical and emotional ties with my family and friends making an unbreakable bond with my homeland where I plan to pursue my career and fulfill my social obligation, supporting my parents and providing financial and emotional support to my siblings

I provided true information in order to help you consider me an eligible candidate.

Holt - / 7,529 2001  
Apr 22, 2018   #2
Saira, you are not really informing the Visa Officer regarding the reason for your studies, why he should trust that you are not going to be overstaying your welcome in Canada by becoming an illegal alien, and that you will have a definite purpose for your return to your home country. From the way this letter reads, there is nothing that will compel you to go back home, specially since your aunt will be financially responsible for you. You will need to write a different letter instead. One that contains the following information:

1. State the date of your graduation from your college major.
2. Explain how any profession you are engaged in at the moment is tied to your college major.
3. Describe a professional purpose for your masters study. This may require you to have some sort of job opportunity awaiting you upon your return or a job that will sponsor you while you are away. These will be part of the reasons for your return to your home country.

4. Explain the status of your aunt in Canada. Is she a legal resident? If so, how long has she been there? Has he been embroiled in any legal questions in the past? How will she support you financially? Will her support be enough so that you will not have to work in Canada illegally as you complete your studies? These are the most important parts of the letter so you need to be very clear and detailed in this section.

5. Explain what your professional opportunities will be upon your return to your home country that make you eager to simply complete the masters studies then go back home.

Emphasize your desire to not stay in Canada for a minute longer than you have to upon graduation. That is what you have to convince the Visa Officer about in the overall letter. Make sure you can compel him to believe that you have no intention of becoming an illegal immigrant in Canada after your studies by providing a bright future for yourself upon your return to you home country.
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Apr 22, 2018   #3
I am not a graduate student, I am enrolling myself in an undergrad program in Actuarial Science. I currently have no professional job, for the matter of fact, I am only 21. Can I post the revised version of the document here for you to look at it again?

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