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'Critical parts of the nursing role' - College of Nursing Essay

hickske2 1 / -  
Feb 27, 2012   #1
This is my essay for admission to the College of Nursing at MSU. Do you think I will get admitted with this essay?

Essay prompt:
- Your understanding of the role of a nurse in today's health care environment and how you envision yourself embodying those roles.
- Your interest in this particular nursing program at Michigan State University.
- Your characteristics, experiences, abilities, and plan that will enhance your ability to succeed in this program.
It also can only be 1000 words.

From a distance I could see the elevator doors opening, the nurse pushed out a gurney and connected to a ventilator and various monitors was my little sister. She had just come out of a six hour brain surgery operation. Weeks earlier, she was diagnosed with Charia 1 Malformation, a condition in which brain tissue from the back of the brain protrudes into the spinal canal obstructing the normal flow of cerebrospinal fluid. The nurse was the primary care giver who advocated for my little sister. She coordinated the care my sister received while in ICU. It was at that point in my life where I truly saw myself as someone who could be that person, the person families looked to for comfort and guidance in a time of need. As healthcare changes dramatically in the next decade, we have to combat an increasingly older population, an epidemic of chronic illnesses and shorter hospital stays coupled with raising costs of healthcare. These issues will force the industry to rely more on technological advancements and make great nurses not only have to possess the knowledge needed to implement the technology but still provide exceptional patient care. I feel my ability to effectively communicate in conjunction with the use of computer knowledge will allow me to impact the lives of the individuals and families I provide care to. I am also able to interpret the medial language/terminology and translate this information in terms that are easier to understand for my patient. I am persistent and mentally prepared to excel in this fast paced challenging career. I know that this profession is emotionally and physically draining. But this experience with my sister let me witness first hand the tremendous impact nurses have on all the lives they provide care to. I know nursing will bring me a lifetime of fulfillment.

Why Michigan State University
My father is a Spartan which means I was exposed to MSU my entire life, but I really came to appreciate why I wanted to be a Spartan when I started researching which college I wanted to attend to obtain my nursing degree. My interest in the Nursing program at Michigan State University is based on three key aspects of the program; the rigorous quality of MSU course work which has demonstrated high results for the NCLEX-RN exam; the diversity of clinical settings rather than a single institution; and the option to participate in Undergraduate Student Research. The MSU nursing course work is not only challenging but I believe it would best prepare me to succeed in taking the NCLEX-RN exam. The faculty at the MSU college of nursing, that I have had the opportunity to meet, have been easy to relate to which makes the environment to learn more conducive to success. Finally, the Michigan State University commitment to making research an integral part of their program at the Undergraduate level is an opportunity not offered at many universities. One of the major areas of research that appealed to me personally was the research by Rebecca Lehto, PhD, RN, OCN about lung cancer patients because my grandmother is recent survivor of lung cancer. I watched her go through thoracic surgery with removal of the lower lobe of her lung and chemotherapy that followed. I witness the struggle of life and death and the fragility of the human body. This research is focusing on a higher quality of life which is what I want for my grandmother. MSU would give me the tools to reach my career goals.

Details that will enhance my ability to succeed
In my mind one word sums up why I will be an exceptional nurse - natural. One of my early experiences was when I volunteer/studied at Henry Ford Macomb Hospital. I was blessed with the opportunity to work 8 hours per week for 9 months rotating through ten different departments working closely with Certified Nurse's Aides and Technicians. After completing High School, I continued my healthcare related education by becoming a Certified Nurse Assistant myself and volunteering at the Village of East Harbor senior living community. I had no problem interacting with the patients and focused on caring for the individuals irrespective of healthy or ill, cultural background or social status. I am currently a Resident Mentor in Landon Hall which has strengthened my skills which I feel are needed to be a successful nurse. In my job I am responsible for the safety and well-being of fifty residents. This experience has enhanced my ability to be tasks orientated, follow directions, accept additional responsibility and organize my schedule. During a recent crisis situation where one of the dorms needed to be evacuated, I and my fellow mentors quickly had to organize a system to allow residents to gain access to their rooms to gather items for the night as the building needed to be close. I was able to remain calm and deal with the situation at hand. Currently I am working with other mentors to create successful programs that help relieve stress and educate the residents of West Circle. In nursing, being task orientated is an important part of the profession because multiple tasks need to be completed in a short period of time, so possessing these skills can help assure that everything is finished timely and correctly. Nurses have to collaborate with doctors and other team members. Following directions is a very critical part of the nursing role and I pride myself with not only taking directions but also trying to be perceptive enough to anticipate what needs to done before being told. All of these experiences have allowed me to gain skills and an understanding of what a future job as a nurse will encompass and I embrace and look forward to this challenge.
Jennyflower81 - / 690 96  
Mar 8, 2012   #2
Your essay is as perfect as can be! I would not change a thing if I were you, exemplary! It is obvious that you have put much thought into writing it, and you are very talented at writing. You have presented yourself as a kind, passionate, intelligent and aware person, who has a good heart. Your first paragraph is the strongest. Any school will be lucky to have you as a student- best of luck to you!

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