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Discussion on positive and negative effect of advertising -feedback

Sep 11, 2012   #1
In the present age, advertising is playing an increasingly pivotal role in our daily lives. But in the meantime, the question of whether it is a blessing or a curse has sparked a heated debate without any foreseeable conclusion in the near future. It is undeniable that advertising has resulted in both positive and negative effects which must be addressed accordingly. Both sides of this subject will be analysed before a reasoned conclusion is drawn.

Firstly, advertising is a key part of modern business where every company with a product to be sold finds advertisement as the only way to tell customers about their offer. For instance, McDonalds usually uses radio as their mean of advertising to inform customers about new items on their menu. It seems that without implementing some forms of advertisement, a business will struggle to expand its customer base. Thus it makes it clear why advertising is broadly supported by today business world.

However, on the other side of this subject, it must be remembered that advertising often manipulates people. For instance, McDonalds uses "Happy Meal" trademark to persuade people that buying its burgers will make them happier. Unfortunately, this is morally wrong and should not be encouraged. From this it becomes quite evident that advertising also attracts much disapproval.

In summary, both sides of the argument regarding the usefulness of advertising have strong support. However, in my opinion what could be expected in the long term is not the prohibition of advertising but a higher extent of regulation.

Sep 12, 2012   #2
Mainly,I think the opening can be shorter .The introduction on the first paragraph is too much.

Also,you should use more examples instead of just using McDonalds.If you give more other examples, your essay will be more convincing.

You should give more your own opinions too.One sentense is not enough to indicate your stance.
Sep 24, 2012   #3
I think you need better ideas for the second part. you might want to find a different examples for advertising manipulating people.
Using McDonald as the main example is good, but you should find more secondary examples to support your opinion.
Your essay in general looks good, you just have to add little more information on to it.
Sep 24, 2012   #5

Though it is easy to read, i feel you have not sufficient ideas to clear your stand..

The answer demands both advantages and dis advantages of Advertisment..
Try to write at least 3 ideas for against..
Plan first and then write...
Some ideas..

:gives valiable information about product and their manufacturer..
: main source of income for newspapers..
: gives more job oppertunities..
: We can compaire and choose from a wide variety of products..

On the other hand..

: mislead and confused..
: Cheep goods sold at high prices to meet the cost of adv..
: interfer the the beauty and continuity of a programe (T.V, Radio)

Hope it is helpful..

Try to develop your ideas..

Keep on practicing..

All the best...
Sep 24, 2012   #6
debate without any foreseeable conclusion in the near future --- its kind of redundant to say in the future it is stated foreseeable

the others said pretty much everything

good luck =)

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