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'Easy adaptation and intellectuality' - Why Reed Essay

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Oct 21, 2012   #1
This is my fisrt draft, I think it's very bad :( Please make any comments and corrections. I very much appreciate your time and assistance.

Essay topic: "Reed is a unique and exciting college experience. Discuss the reasons that you believe Reed would be an appropriate place to continue your education"

When I am 10 years old my father brought me a new friend - a 1447- page- thick encyclopedia as my birthday gift. All books I had that time were some unattractive textbooks, with ugly covers and tedious lectures that made me bored to death. But "she", as I lovingly refer, was absolutely different, wearing the highly fashionable cover and perfume of fresh paper scent, and with her even more enchanting inner beauty, "she" led me into the kingdom of fantasy: from the marvelous natural world of fauna and flora to the interesting scientific experiments and their great discoveries, from the breath-taking pyramids of ancient Egypt to the modern-day skyscrapers in the metropolis. Totally thrilled, I quit playing with other kids in the neighborhood just to be with her in my small room to immerse in pages, ignoring everything outside. The very first love of my life has mesmerized me into the world of bookworms.

I have been reading books of all kinds since then and now I proudly hold a collection on my bookshelf: archaeology, oceanology, geology, psychology, zoology,... I usually spend free time reading books in the balcony, indulging myself in the serenity of the day. I can do anything but staying away from my books. Friends often call me a nerd, but in my opinion, "nerd" is an adorable, not insulting name. What is better than hunching over some lofty text in the library or poring through volumes of scholarly journals? I can't stand people who say knowledge of science is boring and "virtually useless" in real life and find excuses for not knowing it. Don't they find biology interesting? How can the bat, with its nearly blind eyes, fly in the dark? Why does the cow have four compartments in its stomach? Why can it eat grass while human can not? Don't they find geography amazing? Why do mountains, rives, oceans exist? And aren't they surprised to know that people pay money for diamond, which is just another form of coal? Studying is, I believe, a privilege rather than a burden

I choose Reed College as my first-choice school as I know Reed can offer the student community where I can easily adapt to and the most intellectual environment where I can flourish. I love being with people of my kind- intellectually curious, quirky and "hippyish". I want to spend the most important time of my youth with those who learn for the sake of learning, who I can babble about quantum physics or organic chemistry with, who "complain that the library close too soon". It gives me goosebumps just imagine myself lying on the quad in the sun, gathering with friends in the library to ace the heavy workload, visiting the TRIGA Mark I reactor, celebrating the forever Annual Seventh Nitrogen Day, gossiping about the lore of the MG under the library and the gnome army in the tunnels. Reed is, without doubt, a haven for displaced and disenchanted intellectuals. Only in Reed do I find my home.

Man, how I'd love a reunion with my geeky, lovely brothers and sisters from 7000 miles apart!

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