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About my family and friends - TELL US ABOUT WHO YOU ARE

heyhelpme 1 / -  
Jan 1, 2022   #1


I believe that my family and friends would describe me as an open and sincere person. Unfortunately, this honesty is not always perceived positively by others. However, I believe that everyone should be honest with each other. Also I'm definitely a good listener. My curious personality that allows me to paint my life colourful and unique is the cause of the various activities I do, from dancing to being a member of the league team of debates. My self-demand does not allow me to do things without applying my full potential to make the result impeccable, for example, in studies, I give my all to get high grades or in dance when I give all my vigor in choreography. I like challenges because they always bring new knowledge and opportunities that also allow me to improve my capabilities. I try to overcome all the obstacles that hinder my goal, such as when in high school I significantly improved my English so that I could go to an exchange in the Netherlands. Furthermore, I'm very proud of my ability to organize my time in such a way that I find time for everything. I spend time with my family, friends, doing hobbies, studying... I'm a future leader who can find a solution quickly by applying dialogue when more people are involved. I can handle difficult situations that require cold blood, I understand human misery and keep my spirits up, I'm understanding and protective. I try to be optimistic about the world because it motivates me to change it to make it a better place.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 15048 4830  
Jan 2, 2022   #2
The response format is not appropriate for this statement. The family, friends, and community member responses must receive individual explanations. Each group must represent an understanding of who you are based upon their group representation. The family, would be how your parents and siblings perceive you as a child and sibling. The friends, see you as a classmate and personal associate. The community, explains how you get along with a diverse group of people, in a non-academic activity. The point of this essay is to represent your various characters based on the "they" rather than "I" because you are judged as to how well you fit in with the student community, mission, and objectives of the school. So you need to revise the response to create a rounded personality instead of focusing on only one aspect for all 3 groups. That does not depict your varied personality to the reviewer. You also need to focus on only one thing you are proud of as an accomplishment or character trait. You must write a totally new response and delete this version because it cannot be used.
nguyenyenchi 1 / 2  
Jan 2, 2022   #3
"Unfortunately, this honesty is not always perceived positively by others." can be changed to "Unfortunately, my honesty is not always perceived positively by others".
hhspark 3 / 9  
Jan 2, 2022   #4
I think it is not necessary how your personality is "negatively" perceived to others. Also, instead of telling about yourself as much as you could, it would be better to stick on fewer pinpoints. There's too much information in this short paragraph and I don't think they connect well each other...

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