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'free tickets for this Sunday's concert' - a significant risk Malcaulay honors

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Oct 18, 2011   #1
Evaluate a significant risk you have taken or ethical dilemma you have faced and discuss it impact on you. All comments, suggestions, and changes are welcome !

I was sitting in my school library, studying for the November SAT subject tests when my friend Stacy approached me, asking if I had gotten the free tickets for this Sunday's concert. Suprised by my confuzzled reaction, Satcy then showed me two tickets and said she skipped first two school classes to get them. I envy, because I longed to go to this very concert she have tickets to. "No, I can't give you one" was the response that converted my envy into jealousy when I asked Stacy for the spare ticket. She then left, saying the spare ticket was for her friend. I envy. Jealous. Mad. Then I see it. The ticket on the floor. Stacy had dropped it. An adage suddenly crossed my mind: Finders keepers, losers weepers. I snatched the ticket and ran to my next class.

I sat in my economics class smiling, holding the ticket. But the smile gradually faded when my economics teacher began his lesson. He taught us that in macroeconomics, we can only gain something by losing something else. "So for President Obama to improve growth in the United States," he said, "he must give up on improving equality. It's simply impossible for us to have both things at once." The lesson disillusioned myself from my greed. "So in exchange for the concert ticket that I'm holding onto now," I thought to myself, "will I lose Stacy as my friend?" My heart sunk at the thought of it. I'd love to go to the concert but taking my friend's ticket without perimssion is betraying our friendship. I wouldn't want to lose our friendship because of my own greed. I've realized that secretly taking my friend's possessions is wrong. I went to find Stacy after school,l apologize, and returned her ticket. She was mad but then gradually forgave me because I've reflected and made correct judgment on my actions.

Although I was disappointed that I couldn't go to the concert, I've convinced myself that education is more important. I then spent my entire Sunday studying. Stacy came up to me next morning saying she has a gift for me. She then handed me a poster of the concert, with the autographs of all the bands in that concert. I was moved by the fact that she still thinks about this friend who almost betrayed our friendship even when she was having fun. To me, those were not the signs of famous bands in the poster, but the signs of our friendship.
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Oct 18, 2011   #2
I envy

^I envy? Incorrect grammar.
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Oct 18, 2011   #3
oh i was trying to make it concise. how should i change it?

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