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My essay "Why some friendships do not last"

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Feb 23, 2012   #1
Hi everyone, I am an ESL student and I have an assignment on writing an essay on why some friendships don't last. I was wondering if someone could help me fix my grammar errors. Thank you.

Why some friendships do not last

Some people said friendship does last forever than lover relationship. Is it true? If it's true why do some people lose their friendship? How do we know that our friendship will last forever? There are a few reasons that make our relationships do not last long.

Selfishness is the first reasons that can make your friendships end easily because no one wants to keep a relationship with this kind of people. Selfish friends always think about themselves first and they don't care much about you. They are hardhearted even if you need help, they will not help you or they just pretend like they don't know what your problem is. Instead when they need something, they will come and ask for help. They are also bragging a lot because they think that they are better than you.

Next reason is bad friends that always get you involved with some bad stuff such as drug and crime. Bad friends always take you to bad places and bring you into bad situations. This kind of friends is always trying to make you become one of them such as drug dealers, thieves and robbers. If you still hang out with these bad friends your future might end up in prison. Thus you must have to reconsider about your friendships.

Last, dishonest friends are one of commons reasons that make your friendship definitely inactive. This kind of friends always does something behind your back such as gossiping and taking advantages form you. These friends always unfaithful to you for instance sometimes they act like they are there to listen and understand you, but actually they don't care and they can tell your secrets to anyone. Therefore, most people always want to keep their friendship with honest friend instead of dishonest friends.

Your friendships may end for many reasons often those reasons are from your personality habits. Perhaps your friendship will last forever if you know how to deal with yourself first.

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