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As a girl who has never lived anywhere but.....song of Columbia University

stephiedreams 1 / 1  
Dec 31, 2014   #1
Please tell us what you find most appealing about Columbia and why. (300 words or less)

As a girl who has never lived anywhere but the suburbs, the siren song of Columbia University is especially alluring. I like to think of Columbia's campus as a Land of Opportunities so to pick a single appealing aspect is daunting. The vast amount of internships available to Columbia students is incredible and with the United Nations nearby and Embassies galore, there is no better place to be for an aspiring diplomat. But Columbia knows that already, so I'd like to take the remaining 171 words to express my interest for other areas of campus life.

Like every other applicant, I'm going to say that the Core Curriculum is pretty nifty. It produces well-rounded students that are able to pursue their passions, even if it may be outside of the standard expected course list for their major. I have interests in an array of areas so it's priceless to me that I'll get to explore other passions. I can also appreciate the Global Core requirement because it allows for study of other parts of the word, not so Eurocentric, while increasing objectivity and understanding. Columbia is also special because of the type of people it attracts. Although there is no template/cookie cutter Columbian, some common characteristics could include ambition and motivation- the type of people I'd want at a dinner party. Can you imagine the fascinating conversations that would ensue? The student life on campus is thriving and boasts a lively body of politically active participants. I can pop some popcorn while the battles of wit break out. The student body is extremely diversified and open-minded (hopefully male, handsome, and single as well). I want to be around like-minded peers who have passion, motivation, and energy. Having that is important to achievement because you can push each other to succeed.

Does this first part sound okay? I'm struggling majorly. And I really need to cut down some words.

melissae 5 / 11  
Dec 31, 2014   #2
This essay sounds pretty good one suggestion I would give is to cut down on some of the cliches such as well-rounded, it's priceless. These have been written thousands of time be creative how can you say this in a unique way with your own words.
OP stephiedreams 1 / 1  
Dec 31, 2014   #3
Thank you! I agree! I also added this next section:

Columbia students thrive on involvement. There are tons of student organizations like Amnesty International, Asian American Alliance, Christians on Campus, and Sigma Delta Tau that I see myself a part of. Columbia also boasts the second largest international student body in America, making it a perfect opportunity to practice my diplomatic skills while picking up some Indian dance moves.

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