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"Global Issues Network Conference, Human Rights Club in the world" COMMON APPLICATION

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Dec 31, 2010   #1
Evaluate a significant experience, achievement, risk you have taken, or ethical dilemma you have faced and its impact on you.

From the awe- inspiring sights of Turkey, to the uneven blend of ever expanding innovation in Egypt, to the calm snow covered fields of Czech Republic, to the diverse crowds and imperial buildings of Hong Kong, and finally and for the first time back home; ----, a place I have never lived until my final year of high school, yet a place I held high all throughout my life living as a citizen of world-as a the ----- Ambassadors' daughter. Out of all my travels, Hong Kong was essentially the place that I found myself and none could surmise the impact of this country on me.

It was in seventh grade when I heard the news that I was coming to Hong Kong; excitement and curiosity fired through my soul giving life to a society I deeply yarned to become a part of. I envisioned myself speaking Cantonese with the countries natives, and walking among awe inspiring crowds of people; feeling in place and as a part of a bigger movement. The truth of this magnificent nation did not betray my fantasy. Soon after my arrival, I enrolled in a mandatory mandarin class which had provided me with nothing less than the greatest of excitement; although the unorthodox nature of the writing was unfamiliar to me I quickly familiarized myself with it and excelled in the class. Oddly enough, mandarin was not only a place of academic impact it also gave me insight of the rich cultural side of Hong Kong, which would later turn into the fuel that drove me to taking on one of most impactful risks

It was near February again, a myriad of great festivity, raging culture and reverberating wishes seemingly locked forever in a combination of red colored paper and brush strokes of black ink. As a whole it was like a constellation echoing the perpetual historically fused colors red and gold. I entered the red block building embroidering on its red block walls the letters "-------- School", only to be welcomed by friends all dressed in Cheongsam's and Changshan's- I thought to myself I wish I was in a region in which I shared mutual cultural ways. Being a minority at my school I felt under represented and was saddened by the reality that I might never be able to truly be who I could have been were I not a diplomats daughter. With that notion raging through my head I allowed myself some time to think of the means in which I could represent my minority, ironically, that is the essence behind my life as a diplomat's daughter. My decision was hard to make but was one I never regretted, essentially my father's role in my life had great impact on the route I choose to take as he is the epitome of the importance of representing ones culture.

I decided in the winter of my eighth grade year to wear the head scarf and stand as representation of my minority. My decision fueled me into becoming a global citizen; I became more passionate and hard working as a representative of my culture. I commenced the foundation of a new club of which I am currently president- The Human Rights club. I used my knowledge of the hardships that exist in unkempt regions of the world in an attempt to make an impact on people both on a personal and a international level. Through my club I felt the need for a finical supplement; hence, I became vice- president of the Business Club in which I raised funds for issues in my Human Rights Club while at the same time looked at the math of fundraising from an economic perspective. I also am a part of the IT club as a way to enhance my promotional skills when promoting any of the clubs that I am a part of. Furthermore, I am an active member of the community service club constantly on the search for the most unorthodox ways to help my community. Essentially, it was on one of my community service events in which I knew what I wanted to with my future. In a self organized community service event to a day care for those who are mental instable- the two children I was to take care of had missing teeth and one had an apparent over bit, therefore, through my 8 hours of service none of the children would speak let alone smile or laugh without covering their faces. I was heartbroken and from there knew what I wanted to do in life; become a dental surgeon as none one should be held back from a smile.

My character was conceived all around the world. My life was changed because of a decision I choose to take as underrepresented girl in a blustering and incredibly populous, yet very personal place. I endeavor to use my uniqueness's as the best qualities about me. It is my dream to someday be in an undeveloped village somewhere in a nation hardly ever heard of, giving free surgical procedures to those who are in need. Out of recognition for my passion as a global citizen the administration of my school nominated me to win the coveted award-The Global Citizen Award. I have also been sent of many conferences by my school to raise awareness of the impact that students may leave regionally, nationally and internationally; EARCOS GINC-Global Issues Network Conference 2010. Before leaving my school I adopted 3 orphans from India, China and Tanzania in the name of my school. I hope to leave a positive and lasting impact in all that I do, while keeping in mind that with the greatest risks come the greatest rewards.

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