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'Grandpa matters' - Stanford What matters to you and why?

djpralex 5 / 10  
Dec 23, 2011   #1
There is one person in my life that I place in a pedestal higher than my father, mother, or anyone else; it is my grandfather. He is a man I am truly thankful for with no hesitation in proclaiming him as my hero and idol. My grandfather was a man who is wise and generous, who lived with integrity and honor, sincerity and kindness, and with righteousness and respect. Even though he raised me for only my first five years of my life, I have a bond with him that is stronger than with the people I have lived longer with. My bond with him will last as long as his name is tattooed on my wrist. He has taught me each summer I am with him that one must live wisely but not without mistakes, progressively but not without hindrance, and most importantly, respectfully but not without mistreatment. He has taught me to become a better person and it is my goal to become someone even half as great as he was. Furthermore, the day of his death, where I was at the airport returning to America, he taught me, not through his actions but through his inactions, about how thoughtful a person should be. That morning in his hospital bed he asked my aunt if I was leaving and she confirmed him. He told her that he was happy with who I have become and that he can now rest in peace but he also told her that he did not want me to know of his passing until I have landed so that I do not have a miserable trip back. I found out of his passing the day after my arrival and my aunt told me about what he said to her, which made me realize about the kind of care and thought one should have to benefit another. I have made it my standard that I am someone my grandfather would be proud of if he was still alive to see me; nothing matters to me more than being a person he would approve of because if I was to become anything less, I would have thrown away his faith in me.
Rajman333 2 / 15  
Dec 23, 2011   #2
Reread it for minute grammatical mistakes. Overall, a very strong essay. It shows what matters, and develops well on why it matters and how it affects you. Makes me want to rethink my essay on the same topic.
cupnoodle123 15 / 52  
Dec 23, 2011   #3
Good essay :) But the prompt asks WHAT matters...

So maybe you should say that filial piety or caring about others matters to you, and for Why: show that you find caring about others important because of what your grandfather has taught you in life...

HOpe this helps, and please also look over and critique my essay "Elderly + Church" - I'd really appreciate it! Thanks

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