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"the Green Rating Honor Roll in the Princeton Review"Emory University Supplement

timtebow 3 / 4  
Dec 25, 2009   #1
Many students decide to apply to Emory University based on our size, location, reputation, and yes, the weather. Besides these valid reasons as a possible college choice, why is Emory University a particularly good match for you?

Other than the predictable reasons for applying to Emory, I found a facet of this university that attracted me immensely. It's placement in the Green Rating Honor Roll in the Princeton Review caught my attention immediately. In the summer of my sophomore year, I attended a wilderness camp that focused on eco-trailing and keeping nature unscathed throughout the trekking experience. At first these efforts to "go green" had no meaning to me other than the fact that it was another selling point for many activities and materials. However, as I began to take interest in the environment and conservation, I started taking the initiative to improve upon the damaged Earth. Even though these efforts were only small steps, it meant something to me that I was doing my part in keeping the planet healthy. Maintaining a composting station in my back yard, recycling any trash if it is possible, and trying to find many others ways to contribute to the cause. What started as a mini-project began to temper into my personality and I began to sincerely care for the environment. Emory's caring attitude towards nature and its safeguard complements parallels my newly found, but strong passion. Since a college is where a student should go to truly feel at home with its social and academic atmosphere, I feel as though environmentalism and "going green" will serve as a major common ground for me to fall in love with Emory.

angie127 12 / 49  
Dec 25, 2009   #2
I think your essay is well written. You state what else you like about Emory and connect to you to make it personal. My only concern is whether or not you should write more about Emory. I'm also applying there, and I have a feeling they like to see that students applying to that school know a lot about it. You could keep what you have, or throw in some other facts about Emory, such as their programs or facilities.

Would you mind looking at my Emory essay? I'd greatly appreciate it =)
Good luck on your app!

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