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The impact my dad's accident had on me.

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Aug 30, 2011   #1
I need help with this essay: THE IMPACT MY DAD'S ACCIDENT HAD ON ME

Growing up as a little kid, it has always been my dream to be a medical doctor. This dream to be a medical doctor did not arise out of a vacuum, but rather from the deplorable medical health delivery system in Congo.

Congo belongs to a large continent, Africa, where preventive health is very poor. This situation produces a health picture of high mortality rate among children and the aged. There is also very high maternal mortality among women. This deplorable condition is greatly aggravated by the doctor to patient ratio, which stands at 1:5000.

I had no intention of specializing into any field of a medical profession. It had been my intention to be a general practitioner of medicine and work in a hospital in Congo to augment the poor ratio in the health delivery system. The raison d'ętre of becoming a specialist in the field of orthopedic arose out of a passion accentuated by an accident by an accident my dad had. Indeed, this accident was the driving force in my pursuit to become a medical doctor and an orthopedic surgeon at that. Here, the doctor to patient ratio was such that I saw my dad lay hopeless and helpless without any meaningful medical attention.

It was on the 25th December 2000, that we had information from the Korle -Bu hospital that my dad was involved in a tragic motor accident. We rushed to the hospital and tears started gushing down my cheeks at the mere sight of my dad. He was lying half dead with no kneecap and a broken pelvic bone. He could not take the excruciating pain and began shouting in pain. I rushed to call the doctor but the doctor looked me in the eyes and said, "My son, you may think I am neglecting your father but the fact is I just can't help it. I am the only orthopedic doctor at post now and for the records, 6 motor accidents occurred today so I can't attain to all the victims at the same time". The words of the doctor instigated in me a passion to be an orthopedic doctor and a wish to relieve my dad of his pain.

Though my dad's accident posed lots of financial problems to us, it made develop an altruistic personality. I used to be someone who cared less about things happening around me but from the day of the incidence, I became involved in finding solutions to problems around me. I took up post of health prefect when I was in the final year of high school to help take care of sick students. I think commitment and community service is what most colleges require of their students.

It never dawned on me that a tragic event like that of my dad will impact on me positively and help me unveil a hidden passion in me. It was an event that could be described as a blessing in disguise. It was an event that gave birth to an idea and to an aspiration to help humanity.

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