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An impromptu speech without any earlier preparation - my response for a problem

Hetav Pandya 7 / 15 4  
Sep 23, 2018   #1
Question 2:

Explain how you responded to a problem and/or an unfamiliar situation.

What did you do, what was the outcome, what did you learn from your experience?
( Maximum 200 words)

My Response :- During one of my summer breaks, I had enrolled myself for the Youth Leadership Program organized by none other than Toastmasters Club. It was divided into various sessions where we were taught different aspects of improving our speeches. Soon the days passed and there came the table topics session, where we had to deliver an impromptu speech. I was one of youngest amongst all the participants, and being inexperienced believed that they would give us at least a minute or two to prepare. No, I was wrong, they gave us no time to prepare. Adding to my troubles I was the first one to be called to the podium. The fear of making a blunder paralyzed me, there was no time even to calm myself down. "Your topic is importance of positive attitude", I nodded. I controlled my fear and somehow came up with an idea. I decided to speak on my struggle to get merit in grade nine. All this happened as I was walking from my seat to the podium. I was able to deliver a speech good enough to get me the first prize. That was a memorable day, I did realize that confidence can shake off your greatest fears and to a mind that is calm, the whole universe surrenders.( 214 words)

Jainam_Shah 1 / 1  
Sep 23, 2018   #2
Maybe you can change, "No, I was wrong," to another descriptive adverb like shockingly or surprisingly that can convey the sudden moment and feelings you had. You do a good job of showing and not telling. Also you can change if you want the phrase, "I decided to speak," to " My mind quickly conjured to speak on my struggle," as this phrase conveys that the speech was on spot.
Holt - / 7,529 2001  
Sep 24, 2018   #3
Hetav, there is no need, in my opinion, to change anything in this response statement. It is simple and direct to the point, as all 200 word statements should be. There is a clear topic, a challenge to overcome, an analysis of the situation, a presentation of how you dealt with it, and a learning experience on your part. You covered all of the required elements in your presentation. How you worded it is acceptable as this is not a grammar test. Saying "No, I was wrong" adds to the element of suspense in your presentation which would help to hook the reviewer as he would then be interested to find out what happened next. The fact that you were in a situation where there was no way out except to deliver the speech in some form shows a measure of confidence on your part and the fact that you won the coveted first prize indicates that you have a strong personality and that you can think on your feet. Good job!

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