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Intended Major: Nursing - help with 300 word essay on education & career goals

hab 1 / -  
Dec 31, 2010   #1
Hi everyone,
I am really bad with writting and could use some pointers. Basically, I am having trouble arranging my thoughts, and do not know which order to put them in. Can anyone help me with creating an outline?

The Essay:
All applicants are required to submit a 300 word essay describing your education and career goals. What skills and experience do you currently possess that will help you reach your goals? Nursing applicants need to adress their canadacy.

I feel i need to include:
Intended Major: Nursing
Goals: -Can I say to play a sport while maintaining my academics?
-Should I say why I think my goal is attainable?
*should i mention the type of school im coming from (ex. size & type of support), and why this college would be a good fit???

*i somehow need to write about the sport i play... as they have an excellent team, and is one major reason i am applying there.

-Thank You

RyanVi16 12 / 91  
Dec 31, 2010   #2
So does playing a sport help forming your career goal? How does playing a sport make you want to become a nurse? If you can make a connection between the two then why not?

A short anecdote (very brief because it's only 300 words). How does your team mate make you want become a nurse, may be because it require the same amount of teamwork

How does your family and friends support you?
What makes the school a great fit? Does it has anything to do with the sport?
I think you just have to write a complete essay first, then I can help you fixing it, otherwise I don't know.

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